Model European Union: Brussels, January, 2018

Ithaca College participates actively in the simulation of the European Council Summit, sponsored every year by the State University of New York at New Paltz. In odd years, the simulation is held in New York State. In even years the event is hosted by Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2018 we are back in Brussels, from January 9-14. IC will be playing both Portugal and the Netherlands. There is a new opportunity for IC students to take part in a study mission to Brussels after Model EU. We will visit EU, Belgian and local institutions to learn about how the systems work, especially in the context of the immigration question and integration.

Each MEU team usually has four members. Participating colleges are assigned one of the 28 EU member countries, and the four students adopt the roles of the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and the Permanent Representative to the EU (COREPER). Additional participants might play roles with other college teams, or may be assigned to the press corps.

Before the event, each member of the team submits agenda items that he or she would like to address in committee. A few weeks before the event, the agenda is published and we get to work to develop our nation's positions.

The simulation opens with a dinner on Thursday, followed by short meetings to fine-tune the agenda. Full sessions are held Friday and Saturday, in the morning and in the afternoon. Each session is followed by a press conference to announce the conclusions of the preceding meetings.

The press corps publishes the "SUNY MEUs" every day of the conference, with pictures, profiles and articles on what is happening at the summit.

Contact faculty advisor Juan Arroyo, Politics, for more information:

Brussels, Main Square
Previous Council events and IC assignments

2018 Brussels, Belgium: Portugal, Netherlands and Press Corps

2017 New York City: Spain

2016 Brussels, Belgium: France

2015 NYC: EU Secretariat

2014 Brussels: Spain and Press Corps

2013 NYC; Spain

2012 Exeter, England; Italy and Press Corps

2011 New Paltz, NY: Spain

2010 Limerick, Ireland; Press Corps