Chip Gagnon (Politics) presents in Graz, Austria

Assoc. Professor of Politics Chip Gagnon was an invited presenter at the conference "Debating the End of Yugoslavia," organized by the 

Centre for Southeast European Studies at 

Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria, November 4-6 on the 20th anniversary of the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

The conference brought together eye witnesses (politicians, journalists, diplomats) who remembered and reflected on the dissolution of Yugoslavia,  and some 35 leading historians, sociologists, lawyers, anthropologists, political scientists and economists from former Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe who discussed the state of scholarly debate.

Chip was the only North American-based presenter at the conference.  His paper, "Political Science and the Yugoslav Dissolution: The evolution of a discipline" was part of a panel focused on "What is the state of the art?"

Originally published in Intercom: Chip Gagnon (Politics) presents in Graz, Austria .

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