Constitution Day Event To Celebrate Contributions Of Former Professor To Struggles For Racial Justice

ITHACA, NY — To celebrate Constitution Day 2008, Ithaca College will honor the contributions made by the late professor emeritus of politics Harvey Fireside to the struggles for racial justice in the United States. The event will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 4:00 p.m. in Clark Lounge, Egbert Hall. It is free and open to the public.

Constitution Day is an annual observance that commemorates the September 17, 1787, signing of the United States Constitution. Fireside taught for many years in the Department of Politics and wrote a number of books about the significance of constitutional law in mobilizing for civil rights. During this year’s observance, former students and colleagues will celebrate the work of Fireside, who passed away this past February.

  • Associate professor of politics Martin Brownstein will share Fireside’s contributions to the Ithaca College community between 1968 and his retirement in 1996.
  • Associate professor of politics Beth Harris will discuss Fireside’s most recent book, “Separate and Unequal: Homer Plessy and the Supreme Court Decision That Legalized Racism.”
  • One of his first students, Shelley Keeling, will share her memories of Fireside.
  • Bryna Fireside, Harvey’s widow, will review his contributions to social justice, including his scholarship.

The observance will conclude with a showing of “The Jena 6,” a 30-minute film about hidden racial inequality and violence that became visible in a small Louisiana town when black students tried to integrate a school yard.

The Constitution Day event is cosponsored by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Department of Politics and Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

Originally published in News Releases: Constitution Day Event To Celebrate Contributions Of Former Professor To Struggles For Racial Justice.

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