Why I study Politics

We asked students who attended the Fall 2016 "Breaking the Ice Event" why they studied politics. Here are some answers:

  • “The Politics Department has helped me to be more critical of the world around me and feel comfortable with tensions and conflicts.”
  • “I care immensely about too many things to not try to make them better.”
  • “Everything from my taste in music, to television, to literature, to race, to sexuality, to the religion I was forced into, has proven inseparable from politics. I study politics not to change the world but to change the small part I play in it.”
  • “I care about social issues and want to make a difference.”
  • “I study politics because politics influences every aspect of society. Politics is everything.”
  • “I’m studying politics because everything that I learn can be applied to changing the world no matter how big or small the difference may be.”
  • “In order to change corrupt systems, we must learn more about how different governments operate.”
  • “I study politics because I know change is possible if we transform our thinking and unlock the potential of our current systems.”
  • “Change makes the world go round.”
  • “I care about politics because I can’t afford not to; it is what I’m passionate about and I hope to use it as a tool to shape the world.”
  • “Thank you for preparing me for the real world.”
  • “I love having such a greater understanding of diversity of human thoughts and perspectives.”
  • “I study politics because it informs me about the world. The classes here have given me perspective to understand the world around me and will continue to inspire me for years to come.”
  • “Politics is about furthering society and protecting humanity. It is my duty to fulfill those ideals.”
  • “I study politics because I want to understand the system of the world around me. I want to be able to make informed choices, and to know my role in systems of oppression.”
  • “I study politics because I want to gain perspectives from others, and gain a more intensive and rich understanding of how the world works and why it works that way. I desire to change the world in any way that I possibly can. I hope to help create a better world.”
  • “I realized that I needed to and wanted to know more about the world. Everything is political; to not pay attention would be foolish. The department here at IC is also wonderful, encouraging and dedicated.”
  • “Through my political theory/politics courses, I have found what I feel to be the most important places for my time and energy to go towards. The topics we read about are the most important/consequential ideas/problems facing our world.”