Ithaca College Psychology Research Team is Part of World-Wide "Many Labs" Replication Project

An international consortium of 36 institutions set up to test the reproducibility of psychology research findings has successfully replicated 10 of 13 findings. Two of the findings could not be replicated, and one replicated weakly. These findings have been accepted for publication in Social Psychology.


Ithaca College Psychology Professor Leigh Ann Vaughn and the members of her Social Judgment Research Team contributed to the project. The paper, materials, and raw data for the project have been made available at the Open Science Framework page:


Articles about this project have appeared in Nature and in Science

Reproducibility is the extent to which repeating scientific studies produces results that replicate. It is one of the defining characteristics of science. In recent years, psychology has focused increasing attention on the issue of replicability, because results from studies done in one place and time sometimes do not replicate elsewhere, and there have been few professional rewards associated with conducting or publishing attempts to directly replicate research.

This "Many Labs Project" is headed by Richard Klein and Kate Ratliff (University of Florida), Michelangelo Vianello (University of Padua, Italy), and Brian Nosek (University of Virginia). Ithaca College students who contributed to the project are Brittany Carey ('14), Eileen Grandel ('14), Patricia Herrmann ('15), Chris Hill ('15), Angelique Hudson ('15), Kailyn Mooney ('14), Shasta Savage ('15), Samantha Towle ('15), Chinemenma Udokwu ('14), and Katrina Vega ('14).


Originally published in Intercom: Ithaca College Psychology Research Team is Part of World-Wide "Many Labs" Replication Project.

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