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Psychology of Humor

Psychology of Humor
Research Team 5
Supervised by
Bernard Beins
Office: 115-E Williams

The Psychology of Humor team studies psychological aspects of humor. We have been studying the way that personality characteristics and social elements influence what we think is funny. Students on the team take a major role in planning the studies, with students helping to develop the questions we ask and the nature of our work. We emphasize the development of important skills, like working well in a team setting as well as independently, and like writing and speaking professionally. Students regularly write up the results of our research present the results at various psychology conferences.

You can see what we have been doing by viewing the Research Team Website. The most recent student presentations are not included because we don’t want our participants to read about our current studies because knowledge about our research could affect the way they respond.

The team will have spots available in the fall semester for a few students.


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