Research Teams

Social Judgment Research Team

Social Judgment Research Team
Research Team 11
Supervised by
Leigh Ann  Vaughn

Office: 115-A Williams

This team studies how people make sense of their internal states and form social judgments. Our research is applicable to many career fields, including mental health, education, and business. Research questions for spring 2017 include:

  • Meaning in life: What could affect this important aspect of psychological well-being?
  • Reasons why people choose to pursue new goals: What affects how pressured or eager people feel about pursuing new goals?
  • Many Labs 4 and Many Labs 5: What will these world-wide research projects show about the reproducibility of psychological research findings? For the Ithacan story about our team's involvement in Many Labs 1, click here

Students work together – with constant professor-student and student-student mentoring - on all aspects of our research, including reading and writing reaction papers about various aspects of the theoretical background, designing studies, scheduling and running participants, analyzing and interpreting results, and presenting research at conferences.

The structure of our graded work is highly consistent week to week. Almost every week, students run a research session in a lab, recruit for research participants, read an assigned research article, and do 1-2 short writing assignments and one short statistics assignment. We use these assignments as a basis for collaborating on the design and analysis of our research.

Because the course involves doing real research, team involves a degree of risk and flexibility as we work together to figure out how to move ahead with challenges that are complex and lack neat formulations or precise definitions. High-quality and engaged mentoring – by Professor Vaughn of all students and by more senior students of more junior students - is part of what makes this team fun and rewarding.

Team members present our work at professional conferences. You can visit our Research Team Website  to learn more about the team and here and read what current team members say being on the team is like.

To set up a meeting with Professor Vaughn, you can e-mail her at or visit her sign-up sheet for office hours at 115a Williams Hall.

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