• Penny Bogardus
    Administrative Assistant
  • Joslyn Brenton
    Assistant Professor - Health & Illness; Intersectionality; Family; Social Psychology; Qualitative Methods
  • Sergio A. Cabrera
    Assistant Professor - Economic Sociology; Culture; Consumerism; Inequality; Sociological Theory; Methods
  • Katherine Cohen-Filipic
    Assistant Professor - Clinical Social Work, Direct Practice with Children and Families, Community Mental Health
  • Jessica Dunning-Lozano
    Assistant Professor - Sociology
  • Julian Euell
    Associate Professor - Social Theory, Social Change, Environmental Sociology,Visual Sociology
  • Sarah Grunberg
    Lecturer - Race and Ethnic Relations; Social Change; Conflict and Resolution; Intergroup Dialogue; Qualitative Methods
  • Vanessa Lynn
    Diversity Scholar Fellow
  • James Rothenberg
    Associate Professor - youth, social psychology, research methods, theory
  • Stephen Sweet
    Dana Professor - Work, Family, and the Life Course
  • Alicia Swords
    Associate Professor and Honors Program Director - Public Sociology, Social Movements and Social Change
  • Andrew Thompson
    Assistant Professor
  • Susan Wiser
  • Susanne Morgan
    Emerita Professor - Faculty Development
  • Judith Barker
    Retired Associate Professor - gender studies and sociological theory
  • Jonathan Laskowitz
    Retired Associate Professor - Criminal and Juvenile Justice Studies