Bhavani Arabandi (Assistant Professor of Sociology) Receives Fulbright Grant

Bhavani Arabandi (Assistant Professor of Sociology) has been granted a 2014-2015 Fulbright U.S. scholar grant to perform research in India.

The title of Dr. Arabandi's project is "Gender Inequalities in a Global Era: Women’s Education and Impact on National Development."  Her plans are to interrogate gender inequalities with a focus on transnational movements, to identify the impact of economic liberalization policies on socioeconomic relations, and analyze the fluidity of women’s lives as they traverse public and private spheres. The educational component of her project emphasizes the interconnected nature of global issues and relies on both classroom work as well as guest lectures by scholars and practitioners worldwide via social media. The research component of the project considers women in higher educational institutions and investigates the gap between women’s increasing educational attainment and their decreasing labor force participation in India, and has major implications for national development.

Originally published in Intercom: Bhavani Arabandi (Assistant Professor of Sociology) Receives Fulbright Grant.

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