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B.A. Theatre Studies Internal Transfer Guideline

The Department of Theatre Arts has developed the following guidelines for current Ithaca College students interested in either transferring into the B.A. theatre studies program or adding this degree as a double-major. The guidelines are intended to help both students and the department determine whether the B.A. theatre studies program is the appropriate course of study for interested students.

Internal Transfer Policy
Students must complete the following requirements before they may be considered for transfer into the major:

  • Students must be in at least their second semester.
  • Students must have completed and received a grade of B or better in the following courses required for the degree:
    • Intro to Theatre (THEA 10000) or Script Analysis (THEA 13000) 3 credits
    • Stagecraft (THEA 10100) OR Theatre Technology I: Scenery (THEA 11200) 2 / 3 credits
    • Technical Theatre Practicum (THEA 10200) OR Theatre Production I (THEA 11000) 1 credit
    • Academic Writing or First-Year Comp (WRTG 10600) 3 credits
  • Students must contact the Department of Theatre Arts to schedule an interview, after completing the above requirements. 
  • Students must submit a resume and an essay statement prior to the interview. Guidelines for the essay are available from the Theatre Arts main office.
  • Successful student candidates will receive a letter of acceptance into the program. Accepted students must report to the department office as soon as possible to fill out a change of/additional major form and secure appropriate signatures.
  • The student will be assigned an advisor once the change of/additional major form is returned to the main theatre office. 

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact the Department of Theatre Arts main office at 274-3345.

Instructions/Suggestions for Accepted B.A. Theatre Studies Internal Transfer Students

  1. Once assigned, make an appointment with your new advisor as soon as possible.
  2. If acceptance into the B.A. Theatre Studies degree program occurs after the registration period for the following semester, arrange through your advisor to register for the following courses (if not completed): Script Analysis (THEA 13000), History of Theatre I (THEA 24100), and Acting I (THEA 13100). If you have completed Scene Study I (THEA 13300) rather than Acting I, you must complete a course substitution through your advisor. Registration for these courses may require an override.
  3. After the completion of the required one credit of Technical Theatre Practicum (THEA 10200), taken in conjunction with Stagecraft (THEA 10100) prior to transferring to the B.A. Theatre Studies major, there are two more Technical Theatre Practicum credits required for the B.A. Theatre Studies major. It is recommended that these credits be completed early, preferably in the sophomore year. Further, these practica take precedence over any extra-curricular or co-curricular activity
  4. If you are new to the School of Humanities and Sciences, it is up to you to become aware of any changes in your general education requirements, including general education, Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC), or complementary liberal arts (CLA) credits. It is recommended that you plan your upcoming semesters carefully to include major requirements, H&S requirements and the ICC requirements.
  5. All internal and external transfer students must remember that a student must complete 90 Liberal Arts credits to graduate with a B.A. from Ithaca College.
  6. If you are interested in studying abroad, you should begin planning as soon as you have been accepted into the B.A. theatre studies program. A meeting with your adviser or degree program coordinator is recommended.


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