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B.F.A. Theatrical Production & Design Internal Transfer Guideline

Ithaca College students who are interested in transferring into the B.F.A. theatrical production & degree degree program may apply for an internal transfer. Before applying, students must have been in residence at Ithaca College for at least one semester including having taken THEA 10200 (Technical Theatre Practicum). 

The process of applying to the degree program involves three major steps:

The student must contact the theatrical production arts area coordinator to set up a meeting. All prospective internal transfers will have an informal meeting with the area coordinator, who will explain the commitment, dedication, and focus that is necessary and expected from students in this major.

All prospective internal transfers must arrange for a formal interview which will be coordinated by the Area Coordinator. 

After the interview, three outcomes are possible: 1) the student will be informed that they will be accepted into the degree program; 2) the student will be asked to participate in a trial semester before the final decision regarding acceptance is made; 3) the student will be informed that they will not be accepted into the degree program.

Students who are accepted into the program and students who are asked to participate in a trial semester are required to meet with the area coordinator before the end of finals week in order to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

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