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A group hug before a rehearsal.

The first piece worked on was “Momentum.”  To build trust and connection between partners in the dance, choreographer Amy  O’Brien had each pair do improv.  Following that, Amy would give a move, and each partner pair would try it and add their own flair.  Amy then picked her favorites and placed each set of dancers.  When Amy taught her choreography, the group would play with it until they figured out something that worked.

The second rehearsal was for “Once Upon A Time.”  Like “Momentum,” Amy started with some animal improv. She would take people’s improvisations and create set choreography from specific moves and character tics.  If something felt wrong or unnatural, Amy and the dancers work to find something that is more comfortable.

It’s very interesting to watch the discussion between Amy and Grant Carey, the composer, as they decide what sounds to place with which dances, and what should follow the progession of the music. 

Sometimes Amy even likes to throw in a pretend French accent! She also occasionally uses sound effects to describe the feel of the movements she wants. 


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