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The design team

   Finally, the day we have all been waiting for, our first staging rehearsal!!

   While each person involved in the production has been working for months in their particular area, this was the first time that we all got to be in the same room together. it's shocking to see just how much goes into a show before rehearsals even start! The performers in the show were casted in September, and since then have been dilligently working on their music, having lessons with voice professors, as well as spending countless hours of their own time in the music school getting everything just right. The directors have been familiarizing themselves with the libretto, as well as the german language, and the designers have been in the theatre building, making 3D set models, testing out fabrics, pricing lights, and much, much more. Technical staff have been preparing to build and sow, and the front of house team has been hard at work on planning the publicity shoot, editing the program, and selling tickets. Stage management has been doing paperwork, and planning meetings, and we, your dramaturgs have been researching like crazy!

   It was so exciting to finally get to see everyone else that has been working on the opera! And as you may guess, there sure are a lot of us! With over 35 performers in the cast, 1 director, 1 conductor 2 assistant directors, 4 people on the stage management team, 2 dramamturgs, countless people on the design, technical teams, and front of house teams, it was definitely a full house.

   We started off this rehearsal with everyone introducing themselves. After introductions the design team did presentations on what the set, costumes, props, lights, and sound will be like for the show. We, the dramaturgs, also did a presentation about Mozart's life, masonic themes, enlightment philosophy, and alchemy refereneces that appear in throughout the opera. Lastly, before heading into actual staging work, the front of house teams and stage management went over some housekeeping about programs, tickets, rehearsal times, and more, making everyone officially ready to get to work. Now the cast and creative team finally can start the process of getting the opera on its feet (literally).The next few weeks will be spent working on character's relationships to eachother, their intentions, making scenes flow, and obviously, blocking the movements within each specific scene.

   Everyone is thrilled to get started and nervous, but excited to think that we open in just under one month's time. (Don't forget you grab your tickets before they're gone!)


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