Sharing "Elle"

Professor Greg Bostwick, the director of Ithaca College Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde, has chosen to cast not one but two actresses to play the role of Elle Woods. Are you curious to know how it’s going? Do you have questions such as: Do they get jealous? Is that fair to the actresses? How do they rehearse? We sat down with Ithaca College seniors Megan Ort ’13 and Chloe Tiso ’13 to find out what it’s like sharing “Elle.”

The first question that might come to mind is whether these two are friends or competitors. Both girls laughingly admit that they are indeed friends off-stage. Megan shared that several of the cast members of Legally Blonde live together. Chloe gave an idea of what it is like sharing a part with one of your friends. She said, “It was cool to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and take and use what we felt best suited our own personal interpretation.” Both women have been double cast in productions prior to Legally Blonde and were therefore up for the challenge of sharing what is a very physically demanding performance. Chloe said this experience of being double cast was by far one of the best. Megan explained that each actress received equal shares of rehearsal time by alternating who played Elle by act or night. While both were not performing the entire time they each were required to attend all rehearsals. Both actresses explained that an added bonus comes along with being double cast which most actors do not have access to; the ability to step back and watch the finished product.

Coincidentally, the role of Bruiser, Elle’s dog, was double-cast as well. The production team found two dogs--one from a local veterinary hospital and the other from Binghamton who had previously performed the role of Bruiser. Both girls raved about working with the dogs, and said that the production was lucky to get two well-trained dogs. Megan warned that the dogs steal every scene they are in. Chloe described the process of working with the dogs as smooth and enjoyable as a result of their training. While the actresses were taught all the commands necessary for the dogs, Victor, who plays Bruiser, has a secret word to get him to bark.

Don’t miss your chance to see Chloe, Megan, the dogs, and the rest of the wonderful cast in Ithaca College’s Legally Blonde. Performances run through November 10th. Ticket prices range from $5.50 to $11. Call (607) 273-4497, (607)274-3224, or visit for tickets.



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