Theatre Studies (B.A.)

Top Five Reasons

Top Five Reasons

Top 5 reasons to choose BA in Theatre Studies!

Mixing it up

The BA in theatre studies allows you the flexibility to pursue other interests, double majors, minors, even dual degrees.

Forging a path

Theatre studies majors are the innovators in the building: developing, devising, researching, and creating the theatre of tomorrow.

Seeing the big picture

The theatre studies program aims to develop holistic theatre artists: students who make the connection between disciplines in the theatre: playwriting, directing, acting, history, theory, design, technology, management, literature, and more. Elective credits allow students to delve more deeply into their specific interests during junior and senior year.

Learning from the professionals

Rather than studying several disciplines with a ‘generalist,’ at Ithaca you’ll study stage management with a professional stage manager, playwriting with a playwright, directing with a director, design with a designer, history with an historian.

Going places….

The Ithaca College London Center, LA Center, and the National Theatre Institute in Connecticut or Moscow; students have also traveled as part of exchange programs in Paris, Prague, Rome, Japan, Dublin, South Africa, Spain, and a semester at sea. Our office of international programs will set up a study abroad experience almost anywhere in the world to match your curricular goals

The Ithaca College Honors Program

If you have the academic chops you could be invited to apply to our highly selective honors program.