Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take any course on campus because Iím in the Exploratory Program?

As an Exploratory student, you have easier access to courses in different departments on campus.  You are permitted to select courses on the first day of course registration through the first semester of your sophomore year to avoid being closed out based on capacity.  You will still need to complete the prerequisites for a course prior to registering.  Some courses that are required for majors with strict frameworks may be restricted during the first week of course registration, but after all students in that major have selected into the course, the remaining spots may then be released to other students.  You can see any such restrictions on HomerConnect in the course descriptions.

If you are not able to register for a particular course, you can submit a course override form, located on HomerConnect.  This form becomes available at the beginning of the course registration period and stays live until the end of the add/drop period for the following semester. 

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