Exploratory Peer Ambassadors and Leaders

Samantha Weeks

Samantha Weeks

Major: Physics Minor: Computer Science

How did you choose your major? If you are still Exploratory, how are you working on choosing a major and what choices are you considering?

I found my major by printing a list of all of the majors I was interested in and meeting with faculty members in each of those departments. When I met with the physics department, I felt most welcome and everyone there seemed very excited to talk to me, which assured me that physics was the right major for me.

What was your favorite resource to use when you were an Exploratory student?

My favorite resource was and still is the what-if button on homerconnect and the degree evaluation. I use these almost daily. When I was Exploratory, I used the what-if button to see what my life would be like as different majors. I really enjoy being able to use degree works as a way of tracking my progress and seeing a clear path that each major follows.

What do you like most about the Exploratory program?

What I like most about the Exploratory program is the sense of community and the immense support. Being a part of the exploratory program, I never felt pressured to pick a major, no one is ever rushed out of the program. This kind of support helped me feel comfortable when trying to make a very tough decision.

What is your biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students?

My biggest piece of advice is to use the ICC! I mostly took ICC courses my first year at IC, and that helped me take classes in a variety of different fields and allowed me to narrow down things that I did not like. I ended up taking a class I was really interested in majoring in and it turned out I hated that class, so I was able to rule that major out. Even though I took a class I hated, I filled a requirement and I was able to use it to help make my decision.

What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

Along with being an Exploratory peer leader, I’m also Vice President of Ping Pong Club, Treasurer of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), a Photographer for Distinct Magazine, a Peer Tutor, a Teacher’s Assistant, a member of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), and a member of the Honors Advisory Board.

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