Faculty and Administration



  • David Turkon
    Southern Africa, political ecology, communities, HIV/AIDS, refugee resettlement.
  • Lisa Corewyn
    Biological anthropology, Primate behavioral ecology, Molecular primatology, Primate conservation
  • Valerie Foster Githinji
  • Sue-Je Gage
    Identity, Race, Citizenship, Globalization, Representation, East Asia and the United States, the US military
  • Brooke Hansen
    Native American Studies, Hawaiian Studies, cultural revitalization, medical anthropology, tourism and food studies
  • Michael A. Malpass
    South American archaeology
  • Jennifer Muller
    Bioarchaeology, trauma-related morbidity and mortality, health disparities, structural violence
  • Denise Nuttall
    Cultural Anthropology, South Asia, Ethnomusicology
  • Jack Rossen
    Archaeology, Eastern US Woodlands, Archaeobotany, Ethnobotany, Hunter-gatherers, early agriculture, lithic technology
  • Barbara Johnson
    Cultural Anthropology, Jewish Studies
  • Joel Savishinsky
    Cultural Anthropology, Aging and Gerontology
  • Garry Thomas

Art History



  • Edward Cluett
    Associate Professor - Cell Biology, Science Education Coordinator
  • Vincent DeTuri
    Associate Professor and Director of the Integrative Core Curriculum - Physical and Computational Chemistry
  • Jamie Ellis
    Assistant Professor
  • Akiko Fillinger
    Associate Professor - Analytical chemistry (alternative energy & fuels)
  • David Gondek
    Assistant Professor
  • Jean Hardwick
    Professor - Neurobiology/Animal Physiology
  • Janet Hunting
    Associate Professor - Solid State Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
  • Maki Inada
    Assistant Professor - Molecular Biology
  • Anna Larsen
    Associate Professor and Chair - Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry/Ionic liquids
  • DJ Robinson
    Assistant Professor - Organic Synthesis
  • Andrew Smith
    Professor - Animal Physiology, Biomechanics
  • Adam Steeves
    Assistant Professor - Biophysical Chemistry
  • Scott Ulrich
    Associate Professor - Organic and Biological Chemistry
  • Ian Woods
    Assistant Professor - Developmental Biology, Computational Biology



Classical Studies

Communication Studies

Computer Science



  • Linda Hanrahan
    Associate Professor and Chair Graduate Program
  • Peter Martin
    Associate Professor and Interim Chair - Inclusion Special Education, Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Education, Urban Education
  • Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson
    Interim Associate Dean - Language and Literacy, Multicultural Education, Qualitative Research
  • Bonita Ferguson
    Teacher Education Certification Specialist
  • Ellie Fulmer
    Assistant Professor - Multicultural Education, Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Self-Study, Practitioner Inquiry, Content Area Literacies, Socio-Cultural Literacy, Elementary Science Pedagogy
  • Cristina Gomez
    Assistant Professor - Mathematics Education, Teacher preparation
  • Christine Hafer
    Assistant Professor - Secondary Education, Pedagogy and Practice for the English Teacher, Educational Psychology, Young Adult Literature, Literacy Collaborative Education
  • Emily Hess
    Field Experience Coordinator
  • Allison Kootsikas
    Assistant Professor
  • Nia Makepeace
    Assistant Professor
  • Teresa Michel
    Instructor - Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
  • Eunjin Park
  • Michael 'Bodhi' Rogers
    Professor - Geophysical Archaeology, Historic Preservation, Physics and Astronomy Education Research, Science Teaching Program Coordinator
  • Mai An Rumney
    Accreditation Coordinator
  • Heather Sheridan-Thomas
  • Carla Stetson
    Associate Professor - Art Education. Introduction to Drawing, Introduction to Sculpture, Three-dimensional Design
  • Zenon Wasyliw
    Professor - USSR, East Central Europe, Russia, Global History; Social StudiesTeacher Education
  • Kacey L. Wochna
  • Kimberly Wojtanik
    Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff Claus
    Emeritus Professor - Social and Cultural Issues in Education -- Multicultural Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Patricia Tempesta
    Retired Assistant Professor


  • Dan Breen
    Associate Professor and Chair - Late Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • Derek Adams
    Assistant Professor - African American Literature
  • Elizabeth Bleicher
    Associate Professor and Exploratory Program Director - First-year Student Experience; 19C British Literature; English Education; Revaluing Liberal Education; Faculty-student collaboration in Humanities; Failure and Resilience Studies
  • Kenesha Chatman
    Administrative Assistant
  • Hugh Egan
    Professor - American literature, especially 19th century prose and poetry
  • Julie Fromer
    Lecturer - Nineteenth-Century British Literature
  • Claire Gleitman
    Professor - Dramatic Literature: Modern and Contemporary Irish, American and World Drama
  • Paul Hansom
    Assistant Professor
  • Chris Holmes
    Assistant Professor - Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature; Theories of Translation and World Literature
  • Katharine Kittredge
  • David Kramer
    Assistant Professor - Renaissance; Drama; Shakespeare; Contemporary Novel; Origins of the Novel
  • Christopher Matusiak
    Assistant Professor - Shakespeare, Early English Theater History, Renaissance Literature
  • Kevin Murphy
    Professor - American Poetry and Modern Irish Literature
  • Jennifer Spitzer
    Assistant Professor - Late 19th and 20th-Century Literature; Transatlantic Modernism; Gender and Sexuality
  • Michael Stuprich
    Associate Professor
  • Jean Sutherland
  • James Swafford
    Associate Professor - Nineteenth-century English literature
  • Michael Twomey
    Dana Professor - Medieval Literature, the Bible, the English language, Latin

Environmental Studies and Sciences



  • Michael Trotti
    Professor and Chair - United States, Social and Cultural History, 20th Century
  • Terrie Miller
    Administrative Assistant
  • Jonathan Ablard
    Associate Professor and Latin American Studies Coordinator - Latin American History
  • Karin Breuer
    Associate Professor - Modern Europe, Germany
  • Vivian Bruce Conger
    Associate Professor - Early American History (Colonial, American Revolution, Early National), American Women's History
  • Jason Freitag
    Associate Professor - South Asia, Middle East, British Empire
  • Matthew Klemm
    Associate Professor - Medieval and Ancient History, Medieval Intellectual History, History of Science and Medicine
  • Pearl Ponce
    Associate Professor - American Political and Diplomatic History
  • Michael Smith
    Associate Professor - Environmental History
  • Zenon Wasyliw
    Professor - USSR, East Central Europe, Russia, Global History; Social StudiesTeacher Education
  • Richard W. Brown
    Emeritus Professor
  • Paul McBride
    Emeritus Professor
  • John Pavia
    Emeritus Professor
  • Jan Saltzgaber
    Emeritus Professor
  • Joseph Tempesta
    Emeritus Professor - Renaissance-Reformation History

Honors Program

Jewish Studies

Latin American Studies


Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Modern Languages and Literatures

Native American Studies

Philosophy and Religion

Physics and Astronomy

Planned Studies Program


  • Naeem Inayatullah
    Professor and Chair - Theory of International Relations • Global Political Economy/Development Studies • History of Economic Thought • Culture and Identity in International Political Economy • Politics of Pedagogy
  • Kenesha Chatman
    Administrative Assistant
  • Juan Arroyo
    Assistant Professor - Comparative Politics
  • Asma Barlas
    Professor - [research interests]: Islam/ Qur’anic hermeneutics/ Muslim women's rights; Colonialism and decolonial thought; 'Third' world.
  • Donald Beachler
    Associate Professor - U.S. Politics (Parties and Elections, Public Policy )/ Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • Kelly Dietz
    Assistant Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics, Militarization, East Asian Politics, Critical Theories of the State and Sovereignty
  • Carlos Figueroa
    Assistant Professor - U.S Politics/American political development; U.S. Quakerism; Race and Citizenship; interpretive policy analysis; Black politics and political thought; Latinos & Borders; public leadership
  • Chip Gagnon
    Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics
  • Evgenia Ilieva
    Assistant Professor
  • Alexander Moon
    Assistant Professor
  • Patricia Rodriguez
    Associate Professor - Latin American politics, social movements
  • Thomas Shevory
    Professor - Law and Public Policy
  • Peyi Soyinka-Airewele
    Professor - International and African Politics: The Politics of Memory, Democratic Development, Popular African Cinema
  • Zillah Eisenstein
    Emerita Professor - politics of class, sex, and race; political theory; feminist theories; gender construction
  • Martin L Brownstein
    Retired Associate Professor
  • Beth Harris
    Retired Associate Professor - Law, Justice and Power

Premed Option



Theatre Arts

Women's and Gender Studies


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