• Joel Savishinsky
      Cultural Anthropology, Aging and Gerontology
    • Aja Lans
    • Jack Rossen
      Archaeology, Eastern US Woodlands, Archaeobotany, Ethnobotany, Hunter-gatherers, early agriculture, lithic technology
    • Garry Thomas
    • Scott Stull
      Medieval Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, Colonial America, Museum Studies, Cultural Resource Management
    • Patricia Markert
    • Sue-Je Gage
      Identity, Race, Citizenship, Globalization, Representation, East Asia and the United States, the US military
    • Linda Watts
    • Frances Harrison
    • Michael A. Malpass
      South American archaeology
    • Barbara Johnson
      Cultural Anthropology, Jewish Studies
    • Jennifer Muller
      Biological Anthropology, trauma-related morbidity and mortality, health disparities, structural violence
    • Laura Johnsen
    • Thomas Garrison
      Archaeology; The Maya and Mesoamerica; GIS and Remote Sensing
    • John Gurche
    • Lisa Corewyn
      Biological anthropology, Primate behavioral ecology, Molecular primatology, Primate conservation
    • David Turkon
      Southern Africa, political ecology, communities, HIV/AIDS, refugee resettlement.
    • Denise Nuttall
      Cultural Anthropology, South Asia, Ethnomusicology/The Anthropology of Music, The Anthropology of the Body, Embodiment and the Senses, Music as Performance Ethnography

    Art History



          • Andrew Smith
            Professor - Animal Physiology, Biomechanics
          • Anna Larsen
            Professor - Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry/Ionic liquids
          • Maki Inada
            Associate Professor - Molecular Biology
          • David Gondek
            Associate Professor
          • Janet Hunting
            Associate Professor and Chair - Solid State Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
          • Edward Cluett
            Associate Professor - Cell Biology, Science Education Coordinator
          • Ian Woods
            Associate Professor - Developmental Biology, Computational Biology
          • Akiko Fillinger
            Professor - Analytical chemistry (alternative energy & fuels)
          • Andrew Torelli
            Assistant Professor
          • Scott Ulrich
            Associate Professor - Organic and Biological Chemistry
          • DJ Robinson
            Assistant Professor - Organic Synthesis
          • Jamie Ellis
            Assistant Professor
          • Jean Hardwick
            Dana Professor - Neurobiology/Animal Physiology


            Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity


                Classical Studies

                  Communication Studies

                    Computer Science




                            • Christopher Matusiak
                              Associate Professor - Shakespeare, Early English Theater History, Renaissance Literature
                            • Christine Kitano
                              Assistant Professor - Creative Writing, 20th-21st Century American Poetry, Asian American Literature
                            • Derek Adams
                              Associate Professor - African American Literature
                            • Alexis Becker
                              Assistant Professor
                            • Kenesha Chatman
                              Administrative Assistant
                            • Lenora Warren
                            • Katharine Kittredge
                            • Paul Hansom
                              Assistant Professor
                            • Elizabeth Bleicher
                              Associate Professor - First-year Student Experience; 19C British Literature; English Education; Revaluing Liberal Education; Faculty-student collaboration in Humanities; Failure and Resilience Studies
                            • Steven Ellis
                            • Michael Twomey
                              Retired Dana Professor - Medieval Literature, the Bible, the English language, Latin
                            • Julie Fromer
                              Lecturer - Nineteenth-Century British Literature
                            • David Kramer
                              Assistant Professor - Renaissance; Drama; Shakespeare; Contemporary Novel; Origins of the Novel
                            • Jean Sutherland
                            • Kevin Murphy
                              Professor - American Poetry and Modern Irish Literature
                            • Hugh Egan
                              Professor - American literature, especially 19th century prose and poetry
                            • Chris Holmes
                              Associate Professor - Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature; Theories of Translation and World Literature
                            • Dan Breen
                              Associate Professor - Late Medieval and Renaissance Literature
                            • Jennifer Spitzer
                              Associate Professor - Late 19th and 20th-Century Literature; Transatlantic Modernism; Gender and Sexuality
                            • Dyani J Taff
                              Lecturer - Renaissance English Literature; Composition Teaching
                            • James Swafford
                              Retired Associate Professor - Nineteenth-century English literature
                            • Claire Gleitman
                              Professor - Dramatic Literature: Modern and Contemporary American, Irish and World Drama

                            Environmental Studies and Sciences

                              • Jake Brenner
                                Associate Professor - Geography
                              • Anne Stork
                                Assistant Professor
                              • Fae Dremock
                                Assistant Professor - Environmental Justice, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Writing
                              • Pranietha Mudliar
                                Assistant Professor
                              • Susan Allen
                                Professor - Environmental Toxicology
                              • Cheryl Gunther
                                Administrative Assistant
                              • Christopher Sinton
                                Associate Professor and Chair - Geology and Materials Science
                              • Sandra Steingraber
                                Distinguished Scholar in Residence
                              • Paula Turkon
                                Assistant Professor - dendrochronology, aquaponics, paleoethnobotany, food systems, Mesoamerican archaeology
                              • Michael Smith
                                Professor - Environmental History
                              • Jason Hamilton
                                Professor - Education for Sustainability, Integrative Education, Non-Timber Forest Products, Plant Ecophysiology, Global Change Biology



                                  Integrative Studies

                                    Jewish Studies

                                      Latin American Studies

                                        Legal Studies


                                            Medieval and Renaissance Studies

                                              Modern Languages and Literatures

                                                Native American Studies

                                                  Philosophy and Religion

                                                    Physics and Astronomy


                                                        • Zillah Eisenstein
                                                          Emerita Professor - politics of class, sex, and race; political theory; feminist theories; gender construction
                                                        • Thomas Shevory
                                                          Professor and Legal Studies Program Coordinator - Law and Public Policy
                                                        • Naeem Inayatullah
                                                          Professor - Theory of International Relations " Global Political Economy/Development Studies " History of Economic Thought " Culture and Identity in International Political Economy " Politics of Pedagogy
                                                        • Marlene Barken
                                                          Retired Associate Professor - Legal Studies
                                                        • Carlos Figueroa
                                                          Assistant Professor - American Political Development (race, religion and citizenship); Politics of U.S. Quakerism; Black American Politics; U.S. Latino/a Politics; intellectual History & Interpretivism; Public Leadership
                                                        • Chip Gagnon
                                                          Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics
                                                        • Gary Surdell
                                                        • Juan Arroyo
                                                          Assistant Professor - Comparative Politics
                                                        • Asma Barlas
                                                          Professor - Research Interests: Islam; Qur'anic hermeneutics; Muslim sexual politics; Colonialism and Decoloniality.
                                                        • Beth Harris
                                                          Retired Associate Professor - Law, Justice and Power
                                                        • Kenesha Chatman
                                                          Administrative Assistant
                                                        • Patricia Rodriguez
                                                          Associate Professor and Chair - Latin American politics, social movements
                                                        • Donald Beachler
                                                          Associate Professor - U.S. Politics (Parties and Elections, Public Policy )/ Holocaust and Genocide Studies
                                                        • Peyi Soyinka-Airewele
                                                          Professor - International and African Politics, The Politics of Memory, Critical Studies in Democratic Development, Politics of Popular African Cinema
                                                        • Kelly Dietz
                                                          Assistant Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics, Militarization, East Asian Politics, Critical Theories of the State and Sovereignty
                                                        • Andrea Mooney
                                                        • Amy Rothschild
                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                        • Evgenia Ilieva
                                                          Associate Professor
                                                        • Luke Fenchel
                                                        • Alexander Moon
                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                        • Martin L Brownstein
                                                          Retired Associate Professor

                                                        Prelaw Option

                                                          Premed Option



                                                                • Penny Bogardus
                                                                  Administrative Assistant
                                                                • Susanne Morgan
                                                                  Emerita Professor - Faculty Development
                                                                • Julian Euell
                                                                  Associate Professor - Social Theory, Social Change, Environmental Sociology,Visual Sociology
                                                                • Jonathan Laskowitz
                                                                  Retired Associate Professor - Criminal and Juvenile Justice Studies
                                                                • Leo Barrile
                                                                  Assistant Professor
                                                                • Stephen Sweet
                                                                  Dana Professor - Work, Family, and the Life Course
                                                                • Joslyn Brenton
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Health & Illness; Intersectionality; Family; Social Psychology; Qualitative Methods
                                                                • Vanessa Lynn
                                                                  Diversity Scholars Fellow
                                                                • Alicia Swords
                                                                  Associate Professor and Honors Program Director - Public Sociology, Social Movements and Social Change
                                                                • Katherine Cohen-Filipic
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Clinical Social Work, Direct Practice with Children and Families, Community Mental Health
                                                                • Judith Barker
                                                                  Retired Associate Professor - gender studies and sociological theory
                                                                • Sergio A. Cabrera
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Economic Sociology; Culture; Consumerism; Inequality; Sociological Theory; Methods
                                                                • James Rothenberg
                                                                  Associate Professor - youth, social psychology, research methods, theory
                                                                • Jessica Dunning-Lozano
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Sociology
                                                                • Andrew Thompson
                                                                  Assistant Professor

                                                                Theatre Arts

                                                                  Women's and Gender Studies