Art History

      • Carolyn Straughan
        Retired Assistant Professor
      • David Salomon
        Assistant Professor - Architectural Design, Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Patterns
      • Paul Wilson
        Associate Professor - Contemporary Art and Museum Studies
      • Jennifer Jolly
        Professor - Latin American and Pre-Columbian Art
      • Lauren O'Connell
        Professor - History of Architecture and Urbanism
      • Julia Yang
        Administrative Assistant
      • Randi Millman-Brown
        Retired Visual Resources Curator
      • Nancy Ramage
        Emerita Professor
      • Mara Baldwin
        Director - Handwerker Gallery
      • Nancy Brcak
        Professor - American Art and Architecture; Modern Architecture
      • Stephen Clancy
        Emeritus Professor - Medieval and Northern Renaissance art and architecture
      • Brian Quan
        Art Preparator - Handwerker Gallery
      • Risham Majeed
        Assistant Professor
      • Gary Wells
        Associate Professor - 19th and 20th Century European Art
      • Jennifer Germann
        Associate Professor and Department Chair - Early Modern (1500-1800) & Contemporary Visual Culture; Eighteenth-Century French Art; Gender Studies



          • DJ Robinson
            Assistant Professor - Organic Synthesis
          • Akiko Fillinger
            Professor - Analytical chemistry (alternative energy & fuels)
          • Edward Cluett
            Associate Professor - Cell Biology, Science Education Coordinator
          • Ian Woods
            Associate Professor - Developmental Biology, Computational Biology
          • Janet Hunting
            Associate Professor and Department Chair - Solid State Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
          • Jean Hardwick
            Dana Professor - Neurobiology/Animal Physiology
          • Jamie Ellis
            Assistant Professor
          • Anna Larsen
            Professor - Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry/Ionic liquids
          • Scott Ulrich
            Associate Professor - Organic and Biological Chemistry
          • Andrew Torelli
            Assistant Professor
          • David Gondek
            Associate Professor
          • Andrew Smith
            Professor - Animal Physiology, Biomechanics
          • Maki Inada
            Associate Professor - Molecular Biology


            Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity


                Classical Studies

                  Communication Studies

                    Computer Science




                            • Dan Breen
                              Assistant Professor - Late Medieval and Renaissance Literature
                            • Lenora Warren
                            • Katharine Kittredge
                            • James Swafford
                              Retired Associate Professor - Nineteenth-century English literature
                            • Darlynne Overbaugh
                            • Dyani J Taff
                              Lecturer - Renaissance English Literature; Composition Teaching
                            • Hugh Egan
                              Professor - American literature, especially 19th century prose and poetry
                            • Michael Twomey
                              Retired Dana Professor - Medieval Literature, the Bible, the English language, Latin
                            • Elizabeth Bleicher
                              Associate Professor, Interim Chair, Department of Education and Exploratory Program Director - First-year Student Experience; 19C British Literature; English Education; Revaluing Liberal Education; Faculty-student collaboration in Humanities; Failure and Resilience Studies
                            • Alexis Becker
                              Assistant Professor - Old and Middle English literature; medieval British multilingualism; political ecology; climate and literature; labor; history of reading and the book; literacy; history of English
                            • Christopher Matusiak
                              Associate Professor - Shakespeare, Early English Theater History, Renaissance Literature
                            • Derek Adams
                              Associate Professor - African American Literature
                            • Chris Holmes
                              Associate Professor and Department Chair - Postcolonial and Anglophone Literature; Theories of Translation and World Literature
                            • Steven Ellis
                            • Christine Kitano
                              Assistant Professor - Creative Writing, 20th-21st Century American Poetry, Asian American Literature
                            • Paul Hansom
                              Assistant Professor
                            • David Kramer
                              Assistant Professor - Renaissance; Drama; Shakespeare; Contemporary Novel; Origins of the Novel
                            • Kevin Murphy
                              Professor - American Poetry and Modern Irish Literature
                            • Julie Fromer
                              Lecturer - Nineteenth-Century British Literature
                            • Claire Gleitman
                              Professor - Dramatic Literature: Modern and Contemporary American, Irish and World Drama
                            • Kasia Bartoszynska
                              Assistant Professor
                            • Jean Sutherland
                              Retired Lecturer
                            • Kenesha Chatman
                              Administrative Assistant
                            • Jennifer Spitzer
                              Associate Professor - Late 19th and 20th-Century Literature; Transatlantic Modernism; Gender and Sexuality

                            Environmental Studies and Sciences

                              • Jason Hamilton
                                Professor - Education for Sustainability, Integrative Education, Non-Timber Forest Products, Plant Ecophysiology, Global Change Biology
                              • Sandra Steingraber
                                Distinguished Scholar in Residence
                              • Cheryl Gunther
                                Administrative Assistant
                              • Pranietha Mudliar
                                Assistant Professor
                              • Jake Brenner
                                Associate Professor - Geography
                              • Fae Dremock
                                Assistant Professor - Environmental Justice, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Writing
                              • Michael Smith
                                Associate Professor - Environmental History
                              • Susan Allen
                                Professor - Environmental Toxicology
                              • Christopher Sinton
                                Associate Professor and Department Chair - Geology and Materials Science
                              • Paula Turkon
                                Assistant Professor - dendrochronology, aquaponics, paleoethnobotany, food systems, Mesoamerican archaeology
                              • Anne Stork
                                Assistant Professor



                                  Integrative Studies

                                    Jewish Studies

                                      Latin American Studies

                                        Legal Studies


                                            Medieval and Renaissance Studies

                                              Modern Languages and Literatures

                                                Native American Studies

                                                  Philosophy and Religion

                                                    Physics and Astronomy


                                                        • Zillah Eisenstein
                                                          Emerita Professor - politics of class, sex, and race; political theory; feminist theories; gender construction
                                                        • Alexander Moon
                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                        • Kelly Dietz
                                                          Assistant Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics, Militarization, East Asian Politics, Critical Theories of the State and Sovereignty
                                                        • Marlene Barken
                                                          Retired Associate Professor - Legal Studies
                                                        • Martin L Brownstein
                                                          Retired Associate Professor
                                                        • Gary Surdell
                                                        • Asma Barlas
                                                          Professor - Research Interests: Islam; Qur'anic hermeneutics; Muslim sexual politics; Colonialism and Decoloniality.
                                                        • Andrea Mooney
                                                        • Patricia Rodriguez
                                                          Associate Professor - Latin American politics, social movements
                                                        • Carlos Figueroa
                                                          Assistant Professor - American Political Thought & Development; U.S. Quakerism; Black American Politics; U.S. Latino/a Politics; Interpretive Policy Analysis; Public Leadership
                                                        • Kenesha Chatman
                                                          Administrative Assistant
                                                        • Luke Fenchel
                                                        • Sumru Atuk
                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                        • Beth Harris
                                                          Retired Associate Professor - Law, Justice and Power
                                                        • Evgenia Ilieva
                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                        • Donald Beachler
                                                          Associate Professor - U.S. Politics (Parties and Elections, Public Policy )/ Holocaust and Genocide Studies
                                                        • Juan Arroyo
                                                          Assistant Professor - Comparative Politics
                                                        • Amy Rothschild
                                                          Associate Professor
                                                        • Chip Gagnon
                                                          Professor - International Relations/Comparative Politics
                                                        • Naeem Inayatullah
                                                          Professor - Theory of International Relations " Global Political Economy/Development Studies " History of Economic Thought " Culture and Identity in International Political Economy " Politics of Pedagogy
                                                        • Peyi Soyinka-Airewele
                                                          Professor and Chair - International and African Politics, The Politics of Memory, Critical Studies in Democratic Development, Politics of Popular African Cinema
                                                        • Thomas Shevory
                                                          Professor and Legal Studies Program Coordinator - Law and Public Policy

                                                        Prelaw Option

                                                          Premed Option



                                                                • Judith Barker
                                                                  Retired Associate Professor - gender studies and sociological theory
                                                                • Joslyn Brenton
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Health & Illness; Intersectionality; Family; Qualitative Methods
                                                                • Penny Bogardus
                                                                  Administrative Assistant
                                                                • Leo Barrile
                                                                • Andrew Thompson
                                                                  Assistant Professor
                                                                • Alicia Swords
                                                                  Associate Professor - Public Sociology, Social Movements and Social Change
                                                                • Stephen Sweet
                                                                  Dana Professor - Work, Family, and the Life Course
                                                                • Julian Euell
                                                                  Associate Professor - Social Theory, Social Change, Environmental Sociology,Visual Sociology
                                                                • Jessica Dunning-Lozano
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Sociology
                                                                • James Rothenberg
                                                                  Associate Professor - youth, social psychology, research methods, theory
                                                                • Susanne Morgan
                                                                  Emerita Professor - Faculty Development
                                                                • Sergio A. Cabrera
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Economic Sociology; Culture; Consumerism; Inequality; Sociological Theory; Methods
                                                                • Katherine Cohen-Filipic
                                                                  Assistant Professor - Clinical Social Work, Direct Practice with Children and Families, Community Mental Health
                                                                • Jonathan Laskowitz
                                                                  Retired Associate Professor - Criminal and Juvenile Justice Studies

                                                                Theatre Arts

                                                                  Women's and Gender Studies