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H&S Curriculum Committee

The Humanities & Sciences Curriculum Committee is an elected body of the faculty of the School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S). It has overall responsibility, subject to the approval of the faculty, for the structure, coherence, and quality of the curriculum of the school. This curriculum should be consistent with the educational mission of the school, which is to provide students with “the lifelong learning skills that are fundamental to continuing personal and professional growth.” The Committee’s responsibility involves both immediate and long-range objectives.

H&S Curriculum Committee 2017-2018

David Brown,* Mathematics (At-Large, '18)
Walter Chon, Theatre Arts (Fine Arts, '19)
Belisa Gonzalez, Sociology/CSCRE (At-Large, '18)
Janet Hunting, Chemistry (NS, '18)
Jim Rothenberg, Sociology (SS, '19)
Jennifer Spitzer, English (HU '18)

Stacia Zabusky, Associate Dean, H&S, ex officio

Chair for 2017-2018

APC proposals for courses and programs are now being submitted through the CIM workflow system. Word documents are no longer being accepted.

Faculty who are preparing proposals should be sure to consult the HSCC Guidelines, and/or the APC Guidelines, before submission. Faculty are also encouraged to contact the associate dean or chair of the HSCC for guidance, to facilitate timely review and approval of proposals.

The regular meeting time of the H&S Curriculum Committee for Fall 2018 is still TBD. Proposals received by 10am on the previous Friday morning will be added to the agenda for consideration at the next meeting, in the order in which they are received.

Agendas for each meeting are made available online in advance of the meeting. Faculty members who would like to review a proposal that is on the agenda can view the full proposals in the CIM system. Actions taken at each meeting will also be posted online.


Requests for ICC designation
New, existing, and experimental courses can all be proposed for ICC designation in the Themes and Perspectives, Diversity, Quantitative Literacy, Writing Intensive, or Capstone categories. These designation proposals can be sent directly to the CCR. Faculty/departments preparing ICC designation proposals for new or revised courses requiring HSCC review should forward them first to as email attachments along with the APC paperwork. Once the courses have been approved through the H&S process, the dean's office will forward the proposals directly to the CCR for evaluation and designation.

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