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H&S General Education Committee

The H&S General Education Committee, established in fall 2011, is the faculty committee responsible for oversight of the current General Education program in H&S, including: review of review of petitions for credit in the previous H&S general education curriculum that are submitted by students for courses taken at other institutions (designations for the new Core Curriculum are handled by the Committee on College-wide Requirements, or CCR); overseeing the development, implementation, and assessment of the integrative core curriculum (ICC) in H&S, including the Complementary Liberal Arts component of the ICC, and the H&S school-wide ICC capstone course IISP 49800.

The General Education Committee members for 2016-17 are:

David Gondek, Biology (NS, '17)
Christopher Matusiak, English (HU, '17)*
Teresa Moore, Mathematics (At Large '18)
Cyndy Scheibe, Psychology  (SS, ’18)
Sarah Sutton, Art (Fine Arts, ’18)
Paul Wilson, Art History  (At Large, ’17)*
Stacia Zabusky, Associate Dean, H&S, ex officio

*Chairs for 2016-17.

The General Education Committee will continue to review student petitions for designations, but will no longer consider course designation petitions. Students can submit these proposals directly to


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