SPRING 2020 Courses

Course #



WGST 10000

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Rachel Fomalhaut

WGST 22000

Queer Studies

Mat Fournier

WGST 26100

Psychology of Women

Ginger Cates

ARTH 49060

Architecture and Difference

Lauren O'Connell

CMST 34600

Gender and Interpersonal Communication

Laurie Arliss

CSCR 20100

Black Cinema

M. Nicole Horsley

CSCR 21200

Asian American Gender and Sexual Politics

Wendi Yamashita

CSCR 30100

Feminist and Queer Latinx

Gustavo Licon

CSCR 45001

Exploring Black Sexualities

M. Nicole Horsley

ENGL 18200

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 19413

Vampires in Literature

Julie Fromer

ENGL 28500

Queer Lit

Jennifer Spitzer

ENGL 31200

Dramatic Literature II: Gender, Race & Class in Modern Drama

Claire Gleitman

ENGL 34100

Enlightenment: Early Women Novelists

David Kramer

ENGL 43000

Seminar in the English Renaissance: Women, Science, and Politics

Dyani Taff

ENGL 46900

The Legacy of Toni Morrison

Derek Adams

HIST 12700

Women and the American Experience, 1870-2000

Vivian Bruce Conger

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Campbell Carapella

HNRS 20013

Women and Fairy Tales

Katharyn Howd Machan

HNRS 20053

Sex, Gender, and Desire

Carla Golden

JWST 32300

Gender and Sexuality in Judaism

Rebecca Lesses

PSYC 26100

Psychology of Women

Ginger Cates

PSYC 492013

Seminar in Feminist Psychology

Carla Golden

SOCI 23500

Gender, Environment, and Social Change

Alicia Swords

SOCI 32700

Sociology of Work and Family

Stephen Sweet

SOCI 43502

Beauty and the Body

Sociology Chair

SPST 39901

Title IX and Sport

Ellen Staurowsky

WRTG 29602

Queerness and Writing

Harriet Malinowitz

WRTG 31000

Women and Writing

Joan Marcus