Course #



WGST 10000

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Katie Gemmill

Rachel Fomalhaut

WGST 22000

Queer Studies

Mat Fournier

WGST 24200

Striking a Pose: Trans* Representation in Media

Donny Bellamy

WGST 28800

Special Topic: Transnational Feminisms

Melisa Casumbal-Salazar

WGST 42000

Independent Study in WGST


WGST 43000

Internship in WGST


ANTH 26000

The Anthropology of Sex and Gender

Lisa Corewyn

CSCR 24200

Asian American Gender and Sexual Politics

Wendi Yamashita

CSCR 30100

Feminist and Queer Latinx

Gustavo Licon

CSCR 32400

Critical Race Theories: #SayHerName and Black Girlhood Studies

M. Nicole Horsley

CSCR 35100

Race and Sexual Politics

Paula Ioanide

ENGL 18200

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 18300

Engendering Modernity: 20th and 21st Century Women Writers

Jennifer Spitzer

ENGL 22100

Black Women Writers

Derek Adams

ENGL 45000

Romanticism: Queer Ecologies and the (Un)Natural World

Katie Gemmill

ENGL 48300

Advanced Studies in Feminist Science Fiction

Katharine Kittredge

FREN 37700

Poetry and Social Change

Mat Fournier

HIST 26700

The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692

Vivian Bruce Conger

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Carapella

HNRS 20013

Women and Fairy Tales

Katharyn Howd Machan

HNRS 20059

Gender, Ecology, and Global Change

Alicia Swords

JWST 29400

Contemporary Jewish Identities: Gender, Race, and Power

Rebecca Lesses

JWST 36000

Representing the Holocaust through Literature and Film

Annette Levine

PSYC 26100

Psychology of Women

Ginger Cates

SOCI 21300

Sociology of Sexualities

SOCI 43507

Queer Theory

Andrew Thompson

WRTG 29602

Queerness and Writing

Harriet Malinowitz

WRTG 31000

Women and Writing

Jaime Warburton

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