Course #



WGST 10000

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies


WGST 22000

Queer Studies

Mat Fournier

WGST 26100

Psychology of Women


WGST 28800

Special Topic: (Intersections of) Gender, Race, and Class

Donny Bellamy

WGST 42000

Independent Study in WGST


WGST 43000

Internship in WGST


ANTH 38300

Anthropology of the Body

Denise Nuttall

CMST 38910

AIDS: Art in an Epidemic

Bruce Henderson

CMST 38907

Gendered Blackness

Ashley Hall

CSCR 20100

Black Cinema

M. Nicole Horsley

ECON 28800

Women and Economics

Elizabeth Kaletski

ENGL 19413

Embodying the Perverse: Vampires in Literature

Julie Fromer

ENGL 18200

The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power

Derek Adams

ENGL 35100

Girlhoods in Young Adult and Children's Literature

Katharine Kittredge

ENGL 36800

Dangerous Women in Dramatic Literature

Claire Gleitman

HIST 26300

Intimate Friendships and Illicit Loves

Vivian Conger

HLTH 22800

Human Sexuality

Laura Campbell

HLTH 31700

Family Health

Mary Bentley

HNRS 20008

Sex, Gender, and Desire

Carla Golden

PSYC 26100

Psychology of Women


PSYC 49203

Seminar in Feminist Psychology

Carla Golden

SOCI 21200

Changing Contours of Work

Stephen Sweet

SOCI 22800

Men's Lives

SOCI 33500

Health and the Family

Joslyn Brenton

SOCI 33503

Sexuality and Health

Luca Maurer

SOCI 44501

Doing Gender and Sexuality Research

SPAN 32500

Experiencing Hispanic Literature

Maria DiFrancesco

SPAN 38000

Latinx Culture through Literature

Annette Levine

THEA 19600

Class, Race, and Gender in Theatre and Performance

Saviana Stanescu

TVR 22000

Global Flow of Information

Kati Lustyik

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