WGST Courses for SPRING 2016

Course # Title Instructor
WGST 10000 Introduction  to Women’s and Gender Studies   Tahlia Fischer
WGST 22000 Queer Studies        Bruce Henderson
WGST 24000 Indigenous women’s lives   Hayley Cavino
WGST 26100 Psychology of Women (also PSYC 26100)    Carla Golden
ARTH 24500 Imaging authority   Jennifer Germann
CMST 38907  Black feminist culture and criticism     Ashley Hall
EDUC 37000 Culture and community in education and teaching     Nia Makepeace
ENGL 19408 The power of injustice and the injustice of power Derek Adams
ENGL 22100 Survey of African American literature Derek Adams
HIST 12700 Women and the American experience 1870-2000 Vivian Conger
HIST 19403 European social history Karin Breuer
HIST 38700 Disease and health in Latin America Jonathan Ablard
HIST 48100 Gender in early America Vivian Conger
HLTH 22800 Human sexuality Rachel Gunderson
HLTH 31500 Family health Mary Bentley
JWST 32300 Gender and sexuality in Judaism (also RLST 323) Rebecca Lesses
LNGS 19405 Sex and gender in the city Maria Di Francesco
MUNM 25600 Women in pop music Louise Mygatt
PSYC 26100 Psychology of women  Carla Golden
PSYC 49203 Seminar in feminist psychology Carla Golden
RLST 37700 Women and Religion Angela Ruddert
SOCI 25000 Gender, the environment, and global change Alicia Swords
SOCI 33800 Hooking up: The sociology of intimacy Rebecca Plante
SOCI 43600 Inquiry and action for social change Alicia Swords
SOCI 46800 Tutorial in sexuality and gender research Rebecca Plante
SPAN 49100 Intersections of gender, race, and class in Spanish literature Maria DiFrancesco
TVR 46200 Seminar in global entertainment media, and women Kati Lustyik

If you have questions about particular courses, consult the on-line course descriptions or contact the professor.

if you have any questions about the Women’s and Gender Studies Program or minoring in WGST, contact Dr. Carla Golden, Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies, golden@ithaca.edu, 111 Williams Hall.                                                                                      

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