WGST Courses for SPRING 2017

Course # Title Instructor
WGST 10000 Introduction  to Women’s and Gender Studies   Tahlia Fischer
WGST 22000 Queer Studies        Cornell Woodson
WGST 26100 Psychology of Women (also PSYC 26100)    TBD
ANTH 22600 East Asia Gender and Identity Sue-Je Gage
ANTH 26000  Sex and Gender  Lisa Corewyn
ARTH 24300 Gender and Visual Culture Jennifer Germann
ARTH 37500 Queer Contemporary Art Natasha Bissonauth
CSCR 25000 She's a Bad B@tch: Hip Hop Feminism 102 Nicole Horsley 
CSCR 29005 Toward a Black Fem(me) Queer Politic Nicole Horsley 
ECON 28805 Women and Economics Elizabeth Kaletski
EDUC 29001 Cultural Studies and Education Elizabeth Bishop
EDUC 29900 Black Feminist Alchemy: Theory into Practice Nia Nunn
ENGL 19408 The Power of Injustice and the Injustice of Power Derek Adams
ENGL 19422  Gender and Genres: An Introduction to Literature Elizabeth Bleicher
ENGL 41500  Anxious Masculinity on the American Stage Claire Gleitman
ENGL 48300  Advanced Studies in Feminist Science Fiction Katharine Kittredge
FREN 45100 Queer France: Gender Bending in 19th and 20th Century Literature Mat Fournier
HIST 14903 From The Margins: European Social History Karin Breuer
HLTH 22800 Human Sexuality Rachel Gunderson
HLTH 31500 Family Health Mary Bentley
HNRS 20008 Sex, Gender, and Desire Carla Golden
HNRS 20013  Women and Fairy Tales Katharyn Mahan
HNRS 20043 Plotting Marriage/s Jaime Warburton
JWST 29400 Contemporary Jewish Identities: Gender, Race, and Power Rebecca Lesses
PSYC 26100 Psychology of Women (same as WGST 26100) TBD
PSYC 49203 Senior Seminar in Feminist Psychology Carla Golden
RLGN 27502 Gender and Sexuality in Islam Kayla Wheeler
SOCI 25000 Gender, the Environment, and Global Change Alicia Swords  
SOCI 43604 Inquiry and Action for Social Change Alicia Swords
SOCI 43703 Feminism, Food, and Health Joslyn Brenton
SOCI 48000 Doing Sexuality and Gender Research Rebecca Plante
SPAN 49100 From Body to Space Maria DiFrancesco
WRTG 31000 Women and Writing Katharyn Mahan
WRTG 35000 Queerness and Writing Harriet Malinowitz

If you have questions about particular courses, consult the on-line course descriptions or contact the professor.

if you have any questions about the Women’s and Gender Studies Program or minoring in WGST, contact Dr. Carla Golden, Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies, golden@ithaca.edu, 111 Williams Hall.                                                                                      

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