Ithaca College Celebrates Contributions of Retiring Politics Professor Zillah Eisenstein

ITHACA, NY — Zillah Eisenstein, one of the most honored scholars and inspiring teachers to grace the classrooms of Ithaca College, will get proper recognition for her four decades of service to the college and her field of study. Members of the campus and local communities are invited to attend “Newest Articulations: Anticipating Zillah” on Friday, Sept. 21, at 3 p.m. in Klingenstein Lounge, Egbert Hall.

A self-described anti-racist feminist activist, Eisenstein joined the Department of Politics in 1973. In the years since, she has published 11 books; written hundreds of articles and given just as many presentations at conferences and other gatherings worldwide; and been responsible for teaching courses, seminars and tutorials that focused on the intersections of race, gender and class in contemporary and historical global contexts.

The title of the recognition event is a takeoff on Eisenstein’s current book project, “Urgent Articulations: Newest Anti-racist Feminisms for the Globe.” While she is retiring from the faculty, Eisenstein has been named a Distinguished Scholar in Residence in the School of Humanities and Sciences, where she will continue to pursue her scholarship and be available for guest lectures and mentoring students.

Eisenstein is well regarded for her activism on topics ranging from the impact of globalization on women workers to the racialized gender politics of affirmative action in the U.S. to feminist struggles in the former Soviet Union, India, Turkey and Iran. She has also critically written about such issues as the masculinist bias of law, the crisis of breast cancer and AIDS and the patriarchal structuring of race.

Among other honors, Eisenstein has been presented with the Eminent Scholar Award from the International Studies Association, Special Recognition for Service to Women Award from Cornell University and Excellence in Scholarship Award from Ithaca College. Her 1988 work “The Female Body and the Law” was awarded the Victoria Schuck Book Prize from the American Political Science Association as the year’s best book on women and politics.

She was invited to serve on the International Advisory Council of Engender, an organization committed to building equitable, just and nonviolent societies of people in South Africa and around the world. The Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women at Brown University asked Eisenstein to donate her papers to its Feminist Theory Archives, a collection that “offers a rare perspective on the rigorous interdisciplinary work that brought feminism to the vanguard of academic research.”

As part of the celebration of Eisenstein’s contributions to the college and her field, the Ithaca College Library has compiled on its website a collection of links to her own works as well as articles and other materials in which she is featured prominently. Visit

For more information on the “Anticipating Zillah” event, contact Tom Shevory, professor of politics, at

Zillah Eisenstein