Michael Malpass (Anthropology) co-edites and publishes in book on Inka empire

Michael Malpass of the Anthropology Department, along with Sonia Alconini of the University of Texas at San-Antonio, have coedited The Distant Provinces in the Inka Empire: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Inka Provincialism. The book was published by University of Iowa Press on Monday, Feb.15. Michael also has two articles in the volume (see below).

The book is a compilation of articles that discuss the nature of Inka control over the regions they conquered far from their capital of Cuzco. The chapters show how local groups responded to their Inka overlords in a variety of ways, from collusion to resistance. The authors use a variety of approaches to this issue, from archaeobotany to bioarchaeology to mining technology. The volume builds on the results provided in the 1993 publication of Provincial Inca. Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Assessment of the Impact of the Inca State, edited by Michael Malpass.

Michael is first author on the lead chapter "Provincial Inka Studies in the 21st Century." Sonia Alconini is second author on that piece. Michael is also second author to Sonia Alconiin for the concluding chapter, "Toward a Deeper Understanding of Inka Provincialism."

Chapter 2 of the book, Archaeobotany of Cerro del Inga, Chile, at the Southern Inka Frontier, was contributed by Jack Rossen, Chair of Anthropology at Ithaca College, along with María Teresa Planella and Rubén Stehberg.


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