Premed Course Checklist



All students interested in a career in a health-related field (allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, podiatric medicine, chiropractic medicine, dentistry, optometry, etc.) should examine the detailed information available at the PreMedical Sciences website:  /hs/programs/premed


Below is a list of required courses for most health science professions.  Students should be aware that some schools have specific course requirements beyond this list and they should check the specific requirements for the programs they are interested in.


Course            Title       Hrs


BIOL-121       Principles of Biology              4.0       _____

BIOL-122       Principles of Biology              4.0       _____


BIOL-119       Fundamentals of Biology       4.0       _____

BIOL-120       Fundamentals of Biology       4.0       _____


CHEM-121     Principles of Chemistry           4.0       _____

CHEM-221     Organic Chemistry I               3.0       _____

CHEM-124     Experimental Chemistry I       2.0       _____


CHEM-222     Organic Chemistry II              3.0       _____

CHEM-232     Quantitative Chemistry           3.0       _____

CHEM-225     Experimental Chemistry II     2.0       _____


PHYS-101      Introduction to Physics           4.0       _____

PHYS-102      Introduction to Physics           4.0       _____


PHYS-117      Principles of Physics               4.0       _____

PHYS-118      Principles of Physics               4.0       _____


ENGL-XXX   English (one year of English)  3.0       _____

ENGL-XXX   English                                    3.0       _____


WRIT-XXX    Writing                                    3.0       _____


Courses recommended, but not required may include:

            Math, advanced Biology, Chemistry, or Physics


Suggested upper level electives useful for Med School:

Biochemistry (highly recommended – may become a requirement in the near future), Physiology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Parasitology, Endocrinology


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