If you are a current or prospective student in the School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S), the information in this section is specifically for you! Here you will find information about academic life in H&S, resources available to you, and contact information for people who can provide answers to any additional questions you may have.

About H&S

With 23 academic departments, 52 undergraduate degree programs, 2 graduate degree programs, and 45 minors, the School of Humanities and Sciences is the largest school at Ithaca College. We offer nearly one thousand courses per academic year in disciplines that span the full spectrum of the liberal arts: humanities; science, technology, and mathematics; social sciences; and the creative arts. The school's 242 full-time faculty (approximately half of the College's full-time faculty) ensure that you will receive personalized, invaluable guidance and mentoring from inspiring scholars, artists, and scientists.

Special Programs

The School of Humanities and Sciences is also home to the Exploratory Program; students who are unsure of which major to choose benefit from the option to take a broad range of courses for up to four semesters. Exploratory students work closely with their advisers and choose any of six disciplinary-based options to guide their course choices.

Another unique offering in H&S is Planned Studies, which allows students with clear academic goals not met by traditional departmental major degree programs to design their own programs of study.

Students gather for class on a sunny day.

The Dean's office is located in 201 Muller Faculty Center. Please contact us in person or by phone (at [607] 274-3102) during regular business hours (M–F, 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.) if you have any questions.

Graduate Programs in Teacher Education
Teacher Education Programs at Ithaca College

The education department in the School of H&S houses graduate degree programs in teacher education. To find out more about the different degree programs, please follow the links below:

Ithaca College students can complete a liberal arts degree as undergraduates, and stay at IC for a fifth year to become a certified teacher with a master's degree.