Experiential learning challenges students to:

  • apply skills learned in class to problems that don’t always have predictable outcomes

  • work closely with faculty and reflect on the personal and professional meaning of these experiences

  • engage with diverse audiences, and

  • experience what it is like when responsibility extends beyond earning a grade and course credit -- the outcomes of experiential learning affect not only student learning, but people and organizations far beyond the classroom.

At the Experiential Learning Programs link to the left, we provide information about the range of programs and opportunities available to H&S students, as well as about student accomplishments in our various programs, including:

Internships providing for-credit professional development opportunities

Independent Study providing for-credit opportunities for students to engage in directed readings, serve as a research assistant for a faculty project, execute an independent research, scholarship, or creative inquiry project, and/or participate in a service learning experience

Summer Scholars Program, providing paid summer research, scholarship, and creative inquiry opportunities for H&S students

Student Conference Fund, to support H&S students presenting at conferences

Emerson Summer Internship Scholarship

ICNYC Program for H&S students

In all of these opportunities, students have the opportunity to take knowledge learned in the classroom out into the world, where they strive to put that knowledge to work and to see it in action. We hope that all of our students in H&S will take advantage of this diverse array of experiences.