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The World is Our Classroom

Ithaca College professors were quite the world travelers last summer as they presented their research and publications around the globe.

  • Asma Barlas, director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, spoke about Islam, feminism, and secular democracy in Istanbul, Turkey, and gave two presentations in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Occupational therapy professor Carole Dennis presented at the Council of Occupational Therapy for the European Countries in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Orchestra director Jeffery Meyer organized the Troika International Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Biology professor Andy Smith presented at the First International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Cinema, photography, and media arts professor Patricia Zimmermann published an essay on the history of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar for the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland.

Originally published in Fuse: The World is Our Classroom.