Athletic Training Education

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, Curriculum

Athletic Training students are bound by the academic requirements that are in effect the semester that they have been accepted into the program. All Athletic Training majors who enter the college after the Fall of 2014 will follow the requirements and curriculum listed in the 2014-15 Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog (or later).

Highlights of the new, post 2014 curriculum include a new Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine & Clinical Reasoning, an earlier Clinical Experience class for first semester sophomores, an additional Assessment of Athletic Injuries course (making what was once a 1 semester course, a year long, 2 course sequence), and a new Acute Care & Emergency Management in Athletic Training course to better address emerging and critical issues in athlete health.

For planning purposes, the department has created a sample worksheet which outlines a typical 8-semester sequencing of these requirements. As is the case with the catalog, since requirements may be different from one year to the next, it is important that students utilize the worksheet corresponding to the year in which they were accepted into the program. In addition, this worksheet is simply a guide...students should work with their academic adviser in order to customize their 4-year plan according to their interests, especially if they have plans of attending a professional degree program after matriculating from IC and thus require additional bioscientific pre-requisite courses.

Here are direct links to curriculum worksheets, admission/retention criteria, and course descriptions:


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