Athletic Training Education

News & Notes: Updated 07/10/2017

Spring 2017

"The Streak" Continues its 7th Year of Excellence!

Well, the final tallies are in and the Class of 2017 has lived up to expectations and delivered the goods! Now the 7th graduating class in a row to ALL pass the National BOC Examination for athletic training certification (and thus, licensure), all 17 members of this year's graduating class passed their boards on their very first attempt, bringing the program streak to 112 consecutive passing marks! A hearty congratulations and job well done to all members of the Class of 2017 and a massive "thank you" to all the AT faculty, mentors and preceptors that helped keep the streak alive! 

Faculty & Alum Publish Concussion Article in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine

Congrats to Bomber AT Alum and newly minted "DAT", Erin Chapman, DAT, ATC (now a staff AT at The College at Brockport in upstate NY) for her recent publication entitled "Investigation of the Rosenbaum Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes Survey in Collegiate Athletes" in a recent edition of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. Helped along by Clinical Professor, Chris Hummel, MS, ATC the paper seeks to determine whether the Rosenbaum Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes Survey (RoCKAS) is an appropriate outcome measure for assessing collegiate athletes' awareness and disposition towards concussion issues. Congrats Erin and Chris on this impressive accomplishment!

Faculty Produce & Publish in Special Edition of Athletic Training Education Journal

Three professors with the Athletic Training Education Program in the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences just published 2 critical and provoking manuscripts in a special issue of the Athletic Training Education Journal dedicated to the profession's transition to a professional master's degree.

 Associate Professor and Program Director, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC organized and edited the special issue which was designed to generate larger and more meaningful questions concerning the ongoing transition to the professional master's degree. In addition, he wrote and published an introductory, opening editorial that included several coordinating mini-editorials from established leaders in the field, and a co-authored with Drs. Patrick and Jennifer McKeon one of the centerpiece papers for the issue entitled "On the Need to Move to an Evidence-Based Athletic Training (EBAT)", a theoretical model that calls for the integrated implementation of evidence-based practice, regulation and education.

Dr. Patrick McKeon led the writing of a 2nd collaborative and anchor piece with assistance from Drs. Jennifer McKeon and Geisler, entitled "Redefining Professional Knowledge in Athletic Training: Whose Knowledge is it Anyway?", a socio-professional critique of knowledge production, boundary crossings and ontological authority.

The profession of athletic training is now moving from its traditional bachelor's degree requirement for professional certification/licensure to a mandated master's degree level, and there is strong and ongoing debate as to the many advantages and disadvantages of the move, and how it might impact both the educational and clinical processes and dynamics within the profession.

Faculty Sharing Research on State and International Levels

Athletic training faculty have been quite busy producing and sharing their scholarship with other professionals across the globe this spring, as 5 presentations were given in the first week of June 2017, alone:

  • Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC and Todd Lazenby, MA, ATC presented their work on a new paradigm for Iliotibial Impingement Syndrome at the 2017 Canadian Athletic Trainers' Association meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

  • Dr. Geisler, Chris Hummel, MS, ATC and Patrick O. McKeon, PhD, ATC, CSCS presented their research on using computer based clinical vignettes to assess educational outcomes in undergraduate athletic training majors at the 2017 Canadian Athletic Trainers' Association meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

  • Clinical Associate Professor, Todd Lazenby, MS, ATC presented his evidence-based talk on the role of fascia in injury and performance at the 2017 NYSATA Annual Meeting in Cortland, NY.

  • Associate Professor Patrick O. McKeon, PhD, ATC presented his evidence-based talk on science, knowledge and their production in athletic training at the 2017 NYSATA Annual Meeting in Cortland, NY.

  • Assistant Professor Jennifer M. McKeon, PhD, ATC presented her evidence-based talk on the role and utility of placebos in athletic training practice at the 2017 NYSATA Annual Meeting in Cortland, NY.

First Clinical Professor in Program History!

Chris Hummel, MS, ATC just received word from the Ithaca College Board of Trustees that he has been promoted from Associate Clinical Professor to Clinical Professor in the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences, the first such athletic training faculty member to receive promotion to the highest level. Chris also becomes just the 2nd Clinical Professor in IC's School of Health Sciences and Human Performance. Chris has received his promotion because of his sustained excellence in the domains of teaching, service and scholarship in the department and due to his numerous contributions to the success and advancements of the athletic training education program at IC over the last several years! Congratulations Chris, and thanks for all you do for the Bomber ATEP!

Program Director Recognized by College for Excellence

Associate Professor and Director of AT Education, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC was recently recognized by the Ithaca College Center for Faculty Excellence as one of 5 recipients of the college wide Faculty Excellence Awards. Awarded annually after a thorough peer review process, recipients are nominated by colleagues or students and selected based on excellent performance in teaching, scholarship and service in their roles as faculty members at the college. 

2016-2017 Academic Award Winners

Pictured at right, are our 4 academic and professional award winners from the Class of 2017. As of this point, the class is 14 for 14 on the BOC examination, bringing our consecutive first time pass rate to 109 (7 years running), with 3 students left to take the exam. From left to right are Erin McNulty, winner of the 2017 Mark Alderman Award, Kyle Morris, winner of the 2017 DESS Professional Excellence Award, and Christina Jones and Christopher Durr, co-winners of the 2017 Rodney Dusinberre Award. Collectively, the class has accomplished much including 3 NYSATA scholarships (Durr, Jones and Morris), one NATA Scholarship (Trevor Thompson), 1 EATA Free Communication Poster & 1 Whalen Symposium Winner (Jacob Powell), 8 EATA scholarship presenters, multiple successes on the athletic field, 8 graduate assistantships earned, 3 jobs secured, and 17 well matured, competent and professional entry-level athletic trainers moving on to bigger and better things! From the faculty and staff of the Bomber AT program, thanks for all you have given us, the school and the profession, and best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

And we bid adieu...

Once again, the academic cycle of life is upon us and we must say "goodbye" (for now) to another outstanding group of athletic training majors who have toiled and matured greatly over the course of 4 challenging years in our program! So far (there are still 3 students left to take sit) they have held up their end of "the streak", bringing our 1st time BOC pass rate to 109 in a row, over 7 years and are now all moving to bigger and better things as "ATCs"! Kudos and best of luck to our Bomber AT Class of 2017:

  • Thomas Anania, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of South Florida

  • Rebecca Cohen, ATC will work for a year before continuing onto medical school to become a dermatologist

  • Jacob Dowe, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at California University, Pennsylvania

  • Chris Durr, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of Indiana, Bloomington IN.

  • Kassy Heller, ATC is still a free agent and weighing her options

  • Lauren Hodge, ATC will begin work as a clinical outreach AT with Integrated Sports Rehab in her home state of CT

  • Christina Jones, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of Kentucky

  • Erin McNulty, ATC will enroll in the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA

  • Ben Meehan, ATC will begin work as a clinical outreach AT with Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in the NYC area

  • Kyle Morris, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of Virginia

  • Jacob Powell, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of Temple

  • Tory Reagan, ATC is still a free agent and weighing her options

  • Brielle Ringle, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at Old Dominion University

  • Noelle Sellars, ATC will be an Athletic Trainer at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA

  • Trevor Thompson, ATC will be an intern with the NFL's Baltimore Ravens this summer and then will be a graduate student and assistant at Old Dominion University

  • Kim Twait, ATC will be a graduate student and assistant at the University of Virginia

  • Lynette Winshman, ATC will work as Rehab Specialist & PT Aide at Rebound Physical Therapy in Natick, MA

Program Initiates Specific Program to Address Equity, Diversity and Cultural Competence

Recognizing that the AT Education program needed to expand its educational, intellectual and experiential offerings and content relative to diversity, equity and cultural competence in both its students and faculty, the program this year started EquAT and InclusivAT. Emphasizing the "AT", "Equ-ah-tee" and "Inclusiv-a-tee" is a joint student and faculty extra-curricular program intended expand conversations, perspectives, thinking and being on all issues related to minority and marginalized populations and individuals. This year, the program held several well attended events to kick things off, including:

  • Screening and conversation about "Mind Walk", a film about systems thinking and being in complex situations

  • Screening and conversation of "Moonlight", the Academy award winning film about race, sexuality and identity

  • Reading and conversation about Ta Nahesi Coates' "Between the World and Me", featuring special guest Dr. Sean Eversely Bradwell

  • Screening and conversation of "Gender Revolution", a documentary about LGBTQ issues and the complexities of identity

  • An informative presentation by Luca Maurer, the Director of IC's Center for LGBTQ Education on issues germane to identity, language, and communication with patients and colleagues

Strong Athletic Training Presence at IC Academic Research Symposium

Four senior athletic training majors recently presented their research projects at the 20th Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium on the IC campus. Senior AT majors Jacob Powell, Erin McNulty and Rebecca Cohen presented research mentored by Athletic Training faculty members, and all three were selected as Award Finalists upon abstract submission. Thompson worked with 3 students and a faculty mentor from the Department of Physical Therapy on his research project and poster presentation. The highlight of the day was senior AT major Jacob Powell winning the 2017 Outstanding Research Award at this year's symposium for his oral presentation on knowledge pertaining to chronic traumatic encephalopathy! Congratulations to all young scholars for their outstanding work and for representing the AT Education Program:

  • Jacob Powell, "Branching Out from Alzheimer: The Cases that Shaped Our Understanding of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy". Under the direction of Dr. Patrick O. McKeon, Phd, ATC

  • Rebecca Cohen, "Sesamoid Fracture in a Collegiate Athlete". Under the direction of Clinical Associate Professor, Courtney Gray, MS, ATC.

  • Erin McNulty, "Surgical Intervention of a Lumbar Disc Herniation in a Collegiate Football Player: A Case Report". Under the direction of Clinical Associate Professor, Chris Hummel, MS, ATC.

  • Trevor Thompson, "Effects of Yoga Intervention on Male Collegiate Baseball Players". Under the direction of Clinical Professor, Barbara Belyea, DPT, PT.

IATSA, Student Majors Club Wins NYSATA Athletic Training Month Video Contest

With a 937 vote margin, the Ithaca Athletic Training Students' Association handily won the 2017 National Athletic Training Month student video contest conducted by the New York State Athletic Training Association, held during the month of March. Watch the video here, and thanks to all of you who voted (frequently) to help recognize our students and to help secure the title and $200 cash award! Major kudos to Junior AT Majors, Alessandra Marenzi and Sam Brown, as well as IATSA President Kyle Morris and Club Advisor Jessica Anderson for their leadership on the project!

Fall - Winter 2016 - 1017

Thirty students and 4 faculty members from the Athletic Training Education Program in the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences represented Ithaca College well at the 2017 Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association (EATA) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

The 69th Annual EATA Clinical Symposium & Meeting was held recently (1/6-1/9) at the Loew's Hotel and Bomber Athletic Training Education was well represented over the course of the 4 days, highlighted by:

  1. 30 undergraduate athletic training majors attended, representing the largest contingent of student clinicians of all programs in District 1 and District 2 of the NATA.
  2. Christina Jones, Class of 2017, Chris Durr, Class of 2017 and Kyle Morris, Class of 2017 all received professional scholarships from the NY State Athletic Trainers' Association. Kyle Morris received a NYSATA iLead Scholarship which will fund his attendance at a young professional's leadership conference in Dallas, TX this coming February. Chris and Christina received scholarships to use either for their undergraduate expenses here at IC, or to help defray their graduate education next year.
  3. Jacob Powell, Class of 2017 became the 2nd consecutive IC winner of the Undergraduate Research Poster competition with his Critically Appraised Topic on beta amyloids and repetitive brain trauma.
  4. 8 different AT majors contributed to 6 different research poster presentations, and their conference registration was funded by the Kent Scriber Athletic Training Fund.
  5. Clinical Associate Professor, Todd Lazenby, MA, ATC presented the event's first Evidence Based Medicine talk, on the Role of Fascia in Sports Performance and Clinical Care in Athletic Training.
  6. Assistant Professor Jennifer Medina McKeon, PhD, ATC presented an EBM course on the role of the Placebo Effect in clinical athletic training.
  7. Assistant Professor Patrick McKeon, PhD, ATC presented a 3rd Bomber EBM course on the nature of science, knowledge and wisdom in clinical practice.
  8. Professor Emeritus, Kent Scriber, EdD, ATC, PT was inducted into the inaugural EATA Hall of Fame, the '49 Club for his lifetime of service and dedication to the AT profession.

Overall, Ithaca College's AT Education Program was highly represented and visible, and continues to demonstrate its position as a leading professional education program not only in the region, but in the nation as well.

Summer 2016

First ARTC (Ireland) Professional Joins Graduate Assistant Staff, Returns to South Hill

In the cold and brutal winter-spring of 2015, 2 Athletic Rehabilitation & Therapy students from the Institute of Technology in Carlow, Ireland joined us as the first representatives of our new formal exchange program. One of those brave young lads, from Ballyragget, County Kilkenny was Paddy McEvoy who upon surviving his first Ithaca winter, returned to Ireland to graduate with his degree and to pass the ARTI examination to earn his "ARTC" credential. Shortly thereafter and with the help of Ithaca College's athletic training education program, Paddy became the first ARTC to take advantage of the newly (Fall '14) announced affiliation agreement between the BOC, ARTI and the CATA (Canada) and pass the (US) Board of Certification examination to also earn the "ATC" credential! Apparently, it was not cold or windy enough for Paddy here on South Hill because he now joins us one of our graduate assistant athletic trainers for the 2016-17 academic year and to work on his master's degree in Human Performance. Under the direction of Head Athletic Trainer, Mike Matheny, MS, ATC, Paddy will work with the womens' field hockey team and is joined this year by 2 other graduate assistants--Emily Hoffman from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Endicott College, and extending our international flavor even further, Kentaro Henawa from Kawaguchi, Japan and the University of Nebraska, Kearney. Welcome all GAs!

New Additions to Faculty & Staff Welcomed!

Last winter, Clinical Assistant Professor Sarah Piebes, MS, ATC departed South Hill to begin her studies to be a physician assistant, creating an opening on our Clinical Faculty. After a nationwide search, we were fortunate to hire her replacement and we are excited to announce that Ms. Katie Sheehan, MS, ATC is joining us this fall as our newest Clinical Faculty member. Coming to us from Smith College in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Katie just completed her master's degree in exercise science last spring after earning her bachelor's at the University of New Hampshire. While at UNH, Katie was one of the first undergraduate athletic training majors to spend time at the Institute of Technology in Carlow, Ireland and in between her studies, Katie worked as an athletic trainer and instructor at her alma mater in Durham, NH, teaching several courses in their undergraduate AT curriculum. Katie will cover the Athletic Training Clinic in the IC A & E Center, assist with teaching Athletic Training Techniques courses, and provide clinical instruction for undergraduate students. Welcome to Ithaca and the Ithaca College Athletic Training Education program, Katie!

Also (re) joining us this year on a full time basis is Ms. Jessica Anderson, MS, ATC (IC, BS Class of '12, MS Class of '14) who returns to South Hill as a Staff Athletic Trainer. After finishing her MS degree here at IC and as a GA at Cornell, Jess worked for us part time last year, filling many needs for our athletic training services, and now on a full time basis will cover women's volleyball and wrestling, work in the Hammond Health Center, and serve as a Preceptor for our ATEP. Welcome back, Jess!

Spring 2016

Program Faculty Receive Dean's Excellence Awards

Dr. Patrick O. McKeon, PhD, ATC (Clinical Education Coordinator) and Dr. Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC (Director) were both recipients of 2016 School of Health Sciences and Human Performance Dean's Excellence Awards at the 2016 HSHP Academic Awards day, held during senior week last May. Intended to recognize collective work in the domains of teaching, scholarship and service, the HSHP Dean awards 3 collective faculty excellence awards each academic year to deserving faculty who have accomplished notable achievements in all 3 domains for the academic year. 

Program Excellence Sustained, BOC Streak Reaches 96!

All 13 members of the Athletic Training Class of 2016 extended the program's history of excellence by passing the national Board of Certification examination on the first attempt this spring, brining the streak 1st time pass success rate to 6 consecutive years, and 96 students in a row. Please congratulate Class of 2016 Athletic Training Majors, Siobhan Stack, Jennifer Zehner, Carrine Putnam, Sonia DelBusso, Tyler Keith, Jason Taylor, Miriam Rosenthal, Cory Hester, Molly Awiszus, Kira Jarrar, Caitlin O'Brien, Tara Condon and Abrianna D'Onofrio for becoming the 84th to 95th consecutive graduates of the program to pass their national boards on the first attempt! Our 96th success story deserves a bit of a footnote--IT Carlow Exchange Student, Paddy McEvoy spent the spring of 2015 studying and practicing with us here at IC, and he was the first Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist, Ireland student to sit for and pass the BOC in the fall of 2015, making him an honorary member of our Class of 2016 and our consecutive BOC Streak!

For 6 consecutive years, every single student that has graduated from Ithaca College's nationally renowned Athletic Training Education program in the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences has passed their national board examination on the first attempt. The national average for first time pass rate on this licensing exam over the last 6 years is less than 80%. Passing this exam entitles the bearer to use the "ATC", or Athletic Trainer, Certified credential and to apply for licensure in the state in which the intend to practice. Congrats to all students for their success and thanks to all program faculty, staff and clinical educators that were instrumental in making this achievement possible.

And, we bid adieu...

Once again, the academic cycle of life is upon us and we must say "goodbye" (for now) to another outstanding group of athletic training students who have toiled and matured over the course of 4 challenging years in our program! They held up their end of "the streak", brining our 1st time BOC pass rate to 96 in a row, over 6 years and are now all moving to bigger and better things as "ATCs"! Kudos and best of luck to all:

  • Molly Awiszus, ATC will work as an athletic trainer at Lawrence High School (MA) before starting her MS degree in exercise science/physiology at Boston University in 2017.

  • Tara Condon, ATC will attend the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Sonia DelBusso, ATC will attend Utah State University to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Abrianna D'Onofrio, ATC will attend Old Dominion University to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Cory Hester, ATC will attend West Virginia University to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Kira Jarrar, ATC will attend Touro University to work on her clinical doctorate in physical therapy.

  • Tyler Keith, ATC will attend the University of Virginia to work on his MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Caitlin O'Brien, ATC will be an athletic training intern at the University of Hartford, in CT.

  • Carrine Putnam, ATC will be an outreach AT for Geisinger Health in Scranton, PA working clinically and for Keystone College.

  • Miriam Rosenthal, ATC will attend the University of Indiana to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Siobhan Stack, ATC will work in outdoor recreation this summer in Utah, before looking for professional work or continuing her education.

  • Jason Taylor, ATC will begin working in a clinic-high school outreach position this summer as an athletic trainer in his home town.

  • Jennifer Zehner, ATC will attend the University of Utah to work on her MS degree in sports medicine/athletic training.

  • Paddy McEvoy, ATC will come back to South Hill in August to work as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for Ithaca College Department of Athletics and to earn his MS degree in Human Performance.

Winter 2016

Faculty and Program Alum Departs

Clinical Assistant Professor, Sara Piebes, MS, ATC (Class of '06) recently resigned her position on the AT Education Faculty to return home to CT and to initiate physician assistant studies at the University of New Haven. Sarah came back to IC after stints at Milton Academy and the University of Vermont and worked for 2.5 years as an athletic trainer and clinical faculty member for the AT Education Program. You will be missed, Sara and best of luck with your future endeavors in the classroom and the clinic.

Bomber ATEP Has Large Presence at EATA Convention in Boston

January saw the annual meeting and symposium of the Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association held again, for the 68th time, this time in the great city of Boston, MA. Perhaps more than ever, the Bomber AT Program had a rather large footprint on the event. Senior and junior AT major, Abrianna D'Onofrio and Trevor Thompson received their 2015 NYSATA scholarships, Clinical Preceptor Susan A. Geisler, MS, PT, ATC won the Kent Scriber Recognition Award from the NYSATA for her work with state legislation and reimbursement for the profession, Senior AT major Tyler Keith (Sutton, MA) rallied from deep in the hole to place 3rd in the Annual Quiz Bowl, Senior AT Major Caitlin O'Brien (Carver, MA) won 2nd place in the Annual Taping Contest, 30 current undergraduate AT majors and at least a dozen young alumni were in attendance, 7 different student research projects were presented by 10 different students and mentored by 4 different AT faculty members, Dr. Paul R. Geisler presented his experimental research on clinical reasoning abilities of senior level professional AT students, 2 student poster presentations (Tyler Keith and Tara Condon) were award finalists, and Senior AT major Tara Condon (Tomkins Cove, NY) won the 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Poster competition for her research project presentation she completed with classmates and under the direction of Dr. Patrick McKeon and Dr. Deb King (DESS).

Fall 2015

Two Athletic Training Majors Receive State Scholarships

Class of 2016 Athletic Training Majors Abrianna D'Onofrio (Manchester, NH) and Class of 2017 member Trevor Thompson (Lake Hopatcong, NJ) were recently announced as NYSATA Scholarship Winners for 2015! Abe won the NYSATA Annual Scholarship, while Trevor was the inaugural winner of the brand new Paul DeMartinis scholarship, honoring the late Medco Executive who has long supported the NYSATA and the profession of AT, in general. Continuing the long line of state, regional and national scholarship winners in the Bomber AT Program, Abe and Trevor will receive their awards as the 68th EATA Annual Meeting and Symposium, in Boston, MA during the annual state meeting of the New York State Athletic Trainers' Association. Congratulations to both Abe and Trevor for their outstanding scholarship, professionalism and contributions to the program!

Drs. Jennifer and Patrick McKeon Attend at International Ankle Meeting in Dublin

In October, Dr. Jennifer McKeon and Dr. Patrick McKeon traveled across the pond to attend the 6th International Ankle Symposium, at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. Presented annually by the International Ankle Consortium, and this year co-supported by University College Dublin, Assistant Professor Jennifer McKeon presented "The Comparative Prognosis of Medial Ankle Sprains in High-risk Collegiate Sports", and husband and Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Clinical Education Patrick McKeon presented "Sensorimotor Deficits with Chronic Ankle Instability". Dr. P. McKeon also took a quick train ride to Carlow in order to check in on our 2 students studying at IT Carlow for the semester, as part of his duties as Clinical Education Coordinator.

Professors Awarded NYSATA Grant to Study Clinical Reasoning Skills in AT Students

In August, Associate Professor and Director, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC and Clinical Education Coordinator & Assistant Professor, Patrick McKeon, PhD, ATC, CSCS, were awarded a $1,500 research grant from the NYSATA to study clinical reasoning abilities amongst senior undergraduate and entry level master's AT majors, and last year graduate students in post professional programs. Using a newly validated inventory of diagnostic thinking abilities, the Diagnostic Thinking Inventory in Athletic Training, Drs. Geisler and McKeon will work with Dr. Scott Heinerich of West Chester University (PA) and Dr. Taz Kicklighter of Lee University (TN) to survey undergraduate students from high performing AT programs and master's degree programs in order to begin to establish baseline scores across larger populations, and to assess any differences between level and type of education and experience. The research is the first large scale implementation of the DTI-AT and will hopefully lead to some initial insight as to what factors contribute to higher levels of clinical reasoning.

Spring 2015

Faculty & Program Alumni Give Dr. Scriber Royal Send Off at NATA Convention in St. Louis

Over 50 program alums joined 7 current AT Faculty members and a dozen or so VIPs to honor the work of Dr. Kent Scriber, EdD, ATC, PT at the annual alumni party during the 2015 NATA Meeting in St. Louis. The combination alumni party and retirement celebration at Mike Shannon's Steak House in St. Louis was held in a private room adorned with multiple baseball memorabilia and pieces of St. Louis sports history (fitting, eh?), and featured an open mic session for tributes, toasts and roasts, a "walk down memory lane" slideshow prepared by Clinical Assistant Professor, Sarah Piebes, MS, ATC, a special "personal letters and notes" bounded book prepared by Clinical Associate Professor, Courtney Gray, MS, ATC, and a sports memorabilia silent auction to raise money for the Kent Scriber AT Fund. Bomber Clinical Associate Professor Todd Lazenby, MS, ATC (San Francisco 49ers) and Bomber AT program Alums Nancy Patterson Flynn (Los Angeles Dodgers), Dan Adelman (Baltimore Ravens), Jon Lin (NY Giants), Bike Becker (NY Yankees), Pete Youngman (Sacramento Kings), Nicole Fava (UNC, Chapel Hill), and Emily Kiefer Flood (University of Florida) all generously gathered and donated signed sports items, team clothing and other collector's items for the auction to raise funds for the Scriber Fund which supports the AT program operations and development. By the end of the night, the generosity of those in attendance brought in just over $2,000 for the Scriber Fund--thanks to all who donated or purchased items, thanks to all who made the effort to attend and partake, and thanks to all who sent in stories for the book, pictures for the slideshow, and all who took the microphone! Most of all, thanks to Professor Scriber for all of his dedication, commitment and productivity in his 43 years as athletic trainer, educator, administrator, adviser, mentor and utmost professional. Best wishes for a healthy, happy and active retirement!

Once again, we bid Adieu...

Well, final exams, clinical rotations, projects and now the BOC exam have all been completed. Alas, its time once again to say a goodbye to our most recent graduating class of athletic training majors and to wish them luck in their next steps of life! In keeping with recent Bomber tradition, they are a smooth 16 for 16 on their first attempt BOC exams, making that 82 consecutive first time passers, and the program's 5th consecutive year with a 100% first time BOC pass rate! A hearty congratulations to the Bomber AT Class of 2015 for all you have accomplished thus far, and best of luck in your immediate and subsequent endeavors, we will miss you all:

  • Jacob Mir, ATC will be attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to being work on his Master's degree
  • ​Aliza Kamman, ATC will be attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to being work on her Master's degree
  • Colby Locke, ATC will be attending the University of Indiana to being work on his Master's degree
  • James Quist, ATC will be attending the University of Utah to being work on his Master's degree
  • Brian Burns, ATC will be working as an Intern with the Syracuse Skychiefs minor league baseball club
  • Meghan Goodheart, ATC will be will be an outreach AT with Integrated Rehabilitation in CT
  • Casey Williamson, ATC will be an outreach AT with Integrated Rehabilitation and Windsor Locks HS in Suffield, CT
  • Marie Dardano, ATC will be a Clinical AT at Gennesee Orthopedics in Utica, NY
  • Tyler Lemmons, ATC is looking for a suitable AT job before starting his graduate education.
  • Kyle MacKinnon, ATC will be a summer Fellow with the Korey Stringer Sports Science Institute, in Storrs, CT before moving on to a staff AT position at Northeastern University in Boston.
  • Matthew Pinzka, ATC will be working as a Physician Extender/Medical Assistant with Coordinated Health, in Bethlehem, PA.
  • Zachary VanNostrand, ATC will be a graduate assistant AT at Cornell University while he works on his MS at Ithaca College.
  • Emma Lazarri, ATC is going to Hawaii and elsewhere to figure out what she wants to do next
  • Lindsay Yates, ATC will be attending the University of Delaware in fall 2016 to work on her master's degree.
  • Taylor Becker, ATC is working for Brownstone Physical Therapy as a Clinical Outreach AT in Rochester, NY.
  • Joe Armeli, ATC (BS, Class of 2014) is entering his final professional phase of his DPT at Ithaca College.

Athletic Training Faculty Members Win National Award for Published Manuscript

Program Director and Associate Professor, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC, Clinical Associate Professor Chris Hummel, MS, ATC and Clinical Assistant Professor Sarah Piebes, MS, ATC published a "Best Practice" manuscript in the Journal of Athletic Training Education in 2014 that was recently chosen as 2014 Outstanding Non-Research-Based Manuscript. Entitled "Evaluating Evidence-Informed Clinical Reasoning Proficiency in Oral Practical Examinations", the article introduces and summarizes the live, one on one examinations that the IC AT Education program developed to assess their students' clinical reasoning, knowledge of evidence based practice and clinical skills in scenario based formats for the Assessment of Athletic Injuries courses. Dr. Geisler will receive the award in June at the upcoming National Athletic Training Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in St. Louis, MO.

Program Very Active in 2015 Academic Research Symposium

On April 9th, 14 different Athletic Training majors participated in the 2015 James J. Whalen Academic Symposium at Ithaca College, presenting 17 different projects in oral or poster format for the campus community. Class of 2015 AT Majors Tyler Lemmons, Lindsay Yates, Colby Locke, Emma Lazzari, Kyle MacKinnon, Casey Williamson, Meaghan Goodheart, Aliza Kamman, Brian Burns, Matt Pinzka and Zach VanNostrand, and Class of 2016 AT Majors Tyler Keith, Tara Condon and Miriam Rosenthal all worked with faculty mentors to present case study and original research, and M. Goodheart, T. Condon and T. Keith all received recognition for Academic Research Award Winners for their efforts. In addition, Bomber AT Alums and present graduate students Jackie Boss, ATC and Adina Wagner, ATC, along with current AT Graduate Assistants, Braeleen Carney, ATC and Jessica Wood, ATC also presented their research projects at the symposium. Full titles and presentation formats can be seen here.

Annual Academic and Professional Award Winners for ATEP Named for 2015

Class of 2015 members Jacob Mir (Fabius, NY), James Quist (Amsterdam, NY) and Aliza Kamman (Lincoln, VT) were recognized by the Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences and the Athletic Training Education Program recently as the winners of the 2015 academic and professional awards. Jake received the Athletic Training Excellence Award, and is headed to UNC, Chapel Hill next year to earn his master's degree in Athletic Training. Jim was awarded the Rodney Dusinberre Award and will head to the University of Utah to continue his studies in their master's in Athletic Training program. Lastly, Aliza was awarded the Mark Alderman award and will also be heading to UNC, Chapel Hill next year to earn her master's degree in Athletic Training. All 3 senior students will receive their awards at the 2015 School of Health Sciences & Human Performance Academic Awards Ceremony on May 15th. Congratulations to all!

Undergrad AT Major Wins National Scholarship

Aliza S. Kamman (Lincoln, VT) was recently notified that she has won an NATA Graduate Scholarship, the Sayers "Bud" Miller Scholarship, from the NATA's Research & Education Foundation for her outstanding performances in the classroom, the clinic and on campus. Aliza is another in a long, long line of Bomber scholarship winners from the NYSATA, EATA and NATA and will receive her award at this year's NATA conference in St. Louis, MO.

Program Alumnus & Professor Publish Manuscript in Sports Health

Kelly (McMullen) Adler, MS, ATC, Class of 2008  and Associate Professor & Program Director, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC just had a manuscript published in Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach that is the culmination of extensive work with 3 orthopedic surgeons in Rochester, NY and Boston, MA. Part II: Current Concept in Rehabilitation After Hip Preservation Surgery is available now, online and will be in print later this year for those of you who subscribe.

The Bomber ATEP is particularly proud of the great work that Kelly is doing at University of Rochester Sports Medicine and the relationship she has built with the orthopedic surgeons and therapists there, in particular with Dr. Brian Giordano; she has represented our program and institution very well, and so too the field of AT by being the only “non MD” member of the URSM’s “Hip Preservation Team”.

Winter 2014-15

Dr. Scriber Gives Distinguished Educator Keynote Presentation

Awarded in 2013, Dr. Scriber received the Sayers "Bud" Miller Distinguished Educator Award from the National Athletic Trainers' Association's Executive Committee for Education to honor and recognize his myriad contributions and accomplishments in AT education and professional development. As part of that honor, Professor Scriber was invited to present a keynote address along with the 2014 winner of the same award at the 2015 Athletic Training Educators' Conference, held every other year and most recently in Dallas, TX. During his speech, Dr. Scriber thanked his past and present colleagues and students for their role in his career path and success, and highlighted 3 specific moments in his career that impacted how he worked, and what he felt was important for his work, and thus for the profession of athletic training. Dr. Scriber will be retiring from Ithaca College at the end of the current semester, so the timing of this award and opportunity to speak was special for him and the audience of over 500 athletic training educators. 

Program Director Presents Talk at the University of Texas, Arlington

In conjunction with the 2015 Athletic Training Educators' Conference in Dallas, Associate Professor and Director of Athletic Training Education Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC was invited to speak to the Athletic Training Education programs at the University of Texas, Arlington. UTA Director, Cindy Trowbridge, PhD, ATC invited Dr. Geisler to speak on clinical reasoning to the undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the faculty of both programs. Dr. Geisler presented an interactive workshop entitled, "Clinical Reasoning in Athletic Training: What, Why & How" to about 40 audience participants at the UT, Arlington AT Complex.

Alpha Eta Honor Society Inducts 2 More Bomber AT Personnel

Recently, 2 of our very own were inducted into the IC Chapter of the Alpha Eta Academic Honor Society, the National Honor Society for Allied Health Education. Senior AT Major, Jacob Mir and Associate Clinical Professor, Courtney Gray, MS, ATC were the latest AT members to become active members of the distinguished society that was started at IC in 2010. Join me in congratulating them! More info can be found by clicking here.

Bomber ATEP Puts on First Annual BOC Approved EBP CEU Course

On Saturday, January 24th, the IC Athletic Training Education Program organized and conducted its first ever Board of Certification course for approved Evidence Based Practice for approximately 70 current and past students and local athletic training professionals. Presented as part of the program's "Advanced Clinical Update Series", it was the first installment of BOC approved Evidence Based Education that is now required for all Certified Athletic Trainers. Steve Bartlinski, MS, ATC and Bomber AT Alum and now Head AT for the Stanford Cardinal football team won the award for the greatest distance travel, coming all the way from Palo Alto, CA to revisit South Hill for the conference and chance to reconnect and speak to current students and faculty. Drs. Patrick and Jennifer McKeon presented on the principles and practices of EBP, while Clinical Associate Professor Courtney Gray and Program Director Paul Geisler used that foundational knowledge to present 2 unique and evidence based case studies to the audience. Reviews were stellar for the program, and many have committed to the 2nd iteration of the program in 2016. It was also announced at the event that from here forth, the educational series will be called the Kent Scriber Advanced Clinical Update Series, in honor of program patriarch, Dr. Kent Scriber, EdD, ATC, PT, FNATA.

Student Scholarship Productivity Continues with EATA Presentations

At the Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association 2015 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia recently, senior Athletic Training majors James Quist (Amsterdam, NY) and Jacob Mir (Fabius, NY) both presented their unique case studies in a poster format to over 1,300 attendees as part of the Association's Research Committee agenda. Under the tutelage of Clinical Associate Professor, Chris Hummel, MS, ATC, Jim presented "Isolated Popliteus Strain in a Collegiate Football Player", while Jacob worked with Dr. Paul R. Geisler, ATC and Ed Kelly, MS, ATC (Cornell University) to present "Complex Ligamentous & Tendinous Damage of The Hand & Wrist in a Collegiate Football Player without Functional Impairment" to over 1,300 student and professional attendees at the Loews Hotel.

Senior AT Major Wins Kent Scriber EATA Scholarship

Kyle MacKinnon (Marlborough, MA), Class of '15 was the 2015 winner of the Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association Kent Scriber Scholarship, given at the Annual EATA Conference and Clinical Symposium in Philadelphia, last month. Given in recognition of his outstanding scholarship and academic performance, the award honors Ithaca College's own Dr. Kent Scriber, EdD, ATC, PT, long time Professor of Athletic Training for his contributions and lasting impact on the field of athletic training and education. The 3rd year the award has been given, this marks the first time that a Bomber AT major has won the award! Congratulations Kyle!

Fall 2014

Exciting New Opportunity to Study Abroad in Ireland for Bomber AT Majors!

The Bomber Athletic Training Education Program is extremely excited and proud to announce that we have officially signed an Exchange Agreement with the Institute for Technology, Carlow Ireland. Yep, you read that right...Ireland. Carlow is about an hour southeast of Dublin, and has an accredited Athletic Therapy Rehabilitation Bachelor's program and its graduates can sit for the Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist certification once they complete their extensive academic and clinical curriculum and program of study. In September of 2014, the BOC (USA), the CATA (Canada) and the ARTI (Ireland) coincidentally signed an International Mutual Recognition Agreement that now allows graduates from accredited programs in the 3 countries to sit for each others board exams, and if successful, practice in any of those 3 countries.

Under the terms of the IC/ITC exchange, a maximum of 2 students will 'exchange' places at the 2 institutions and be fully enrolled students and clinical practitioners. In January of 2015, 2 senior ITC SRAT  majors will enroll at IC to study AT and practice clinically, the Bomber AT Way, and in the fall of the 2015, 2 IC AT majors will travel to Carlow to enroll and study at ITC for a semester. Because of the unique and natural fit, ITC will serve as an Approved Clinical Site for the Bomber ATEP, complete with all the trimmings as our students gain valuable clinical education experiences with Hurling, Gaelic Football and Rugby while experiencing an immersed life in Ireland for 3+ months. Class of 2016 AT Majors, Tara Condon and Miriam Rosenthal have been chosen to be the first IC representatives to take part in the exciting travel and study abroad program, and are excitedly making early plans to jump across the ocean for their senior fall semesters.

To our knowledge, this makes Ithaca College one of only a few undergraduate ATEPs in the nation to have an affiliated clinical site AND academic exchange program in Europe (perhaps anywhere outside the US), one that actually has an "athletic training" program of study and clinical education component similar to what we do in the US. The undergraduate program at the University of New Hampshire has such a program with ITC already, and the Entry Level master's program at Seton Hall University has the same with IT Carlow, but Ithaca College is believed to be one of just a handful of undergraduate programs in the nation to spread its wings in such a fashion. Be sure to check back in the spring semester to see how our 2 Irish Exchange students are doing, and again in the fall to see hour our own students are doing in Ireland, there's certainly more to come!

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