Student & Faculty Research

Over the last 6 years, the faculty and students of the athletic training education program have worked collaboratively to produce and present over 70research projects at local, state, regional and national academic and professional conferences. A hallmark of the Ithaca College experience, the small faculty:student ratio and sustained immersion in the program allow you to develop a unique relationship with your faculty members, thus producing the opportunity to develop and carry out a research project that will augment your education and improve your post Ithaca study and work plans. Besides, what better way is there to learn and demonstrate what you know than analyzing a complex problem and synthesizing a novel solution?

Click here to see poster images of some of the outstanding work being done by our athletic training majors in recent years!

Check out the awesome research our students and faculty presented at the 2018 Ithaca College Academic Symposium in April!

Research Teams
EATA 2018, Boston

At the 2018 EATA Annual Convention in Boston, graduate student, Paddy McEvoy, ARTI, ATC, Senior Athletic Training Majors Matt Booth, Diana Zaichenko, Alessandra Marenzi, Hannah Robison and Sophie Knittle all presented their faculty collaborative research projects after passing muster with the peer review process of the EATA Research Committee. Dr. Jennifer M McKeon, PhD, ATC, CSCS and Dr. Patrick O. McKeon, PhD, ATC, CSCS celebrate their students' accomplishments