Student & Alumni Testimonials

Hannah Robison, BS, ATC, Class of 2018 (Morgantown, WV); Graduate Student at Indiana University

"The IC Athletic Training Education Program is difficult, it is time consuming, and the program faculty expect a lot from the students. It is also a program that will lift you up when you are down, work with you through difficulties you are having in and outside of the clinic, and support you and your interests in more ways than one. My time at IC pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were and because of this I achieved more than I possibly could have imagined. Being a part of the program at Ithaca College has allowed me to become both an independent and confident clinician and develop my skills as a researcher."

Thomas Anania, BS, ATC, Class of 2017 (Fairfield, CT); Graduate Student at University of South Florida

"My first year as a practicing clinician, I learned that creativity and the ability to adapt based on the situation was paramount--my Ithaca education helped me think laterally in order to make due with what I had to work with. I also gained a true appreciation for the meaningful self-reflection the faculty stressed at Ithaca and I relate my first professional year to IC's progression of clinical excellence paradigm--as the year progressed, I felt a profound shift in my capabilities and confidence as a clinician. I can definitively say I’ve made significant progress towards being an expert clinician, in just one year of independent practice. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned at Ithaca and how it’s helped shape me into the clinician I am becoming today."

Lauren Hodges, BS, ATC, Class of 2017 (Middletown, CT); AT for Integrated Sports Rehab, CT

"What I have really grown to love about this program is how the faculty care for us to do well not just in the sense to solely get good grades, but because they care about us as individuals and want us to learn and understand the need to grow into clinicians of our own accord. That culture makes you want to do well not just for yourself and family, but also the small family that I made here on the South Hill. I could not be any happier to have come to Ithaca College. I am forever grateful for the guidance and help that I received from the staff along the way."

Noelle Sellars, BS, ATC, Class of 2017 (Crownsville, MD); AT Intern at The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

"I have transitioned from a directionless teenager with an interest in medicine, into a young adult and medical professional, with specific goals for the future. I have made friends that will last a lifetime, gone from fearing my mentors to loving them like parents, learned more than I ever thought possible, and become someone I can respect. The Ithaca AT Program is extremely special because of the dynamics and people within the program...the friendships deepen, the class begins to become a unit, teamwork and cooperative relationships develop, preceptors/professors become people you can rely on for knowledge and help, and athletic training becomes part of your everyday life. I feel as though this program has given me so much more than just an education--it has given me a voice, a purpose, a family, and a place to call home for four years; I am going to miss every single person and experience when I leave."

Kyle Morris, BS, ATC, Class of 2017 (Ilion, NY); Graduate Student at The University of Virginia, Class of 2017

"I've truly realized how much I have grown over the last 4 years--first as a student, clinician and future medical professional, but more importantly, as a person. After my first year, I was on the verge of transferring but I decide to stay and give it a go. Had I left, I never would have developed the amazing relationships with ALL of the faculty--I have learned more than I could have ever imagined in the classroom and in the clinic, all because of them. But most importantly, I never would have realized how to tackle life's challenges; I would have given up on Ithaca and a full 4 years at the best undergraduate athletic training program in the country. I will forever be grateful for all the Bomber AT Family has done for me, in and out of the classroom. They truly are my "family away from my family", and I know my parents were happy knowing I was in the hands of those who treated me as such."

Kelly McAree, PA, ATC, CSCS, Class of 2006
Physician Assistant Program, Family Practice, Boston, MA

"As a sophomore, students are already getting hands-on experience which is invaluable when it comes to applying for jobs, and having confidence with the required skills. The fun, open and stimulating environment at Ithaca is perfect not only for learning, but for personal growth, as well. My education at Ithaca provided me with a solid foundation from which to further my education both formally, and informally."

Timothy A. Kulpa, MS, ATC, Class of 2004
Athletic Training Education Program
Assistant Clinical Professor/Assistant Athletic Trainer
King's College, PA

"The athletic training program at Ithaca College possesses a critical balance between education and clinical skill acquisition, a characteristic that is just one of the things setting this program apart from most. With the field of athletic training rapidly evolving , Ithaca College is at the cutting edge of the knowledge base, and possesses some of the best educators the profession has to offer. However, the Athletic Training faculty go above and beyond the call of education by personally relating to the students. Not only do I look at my professors as the people directly responsible for my success, but they were, and still are my mentors, colleagues, and friends. I can only hope that by modeling myself after the athletic training faculty at Ithaca College, I may one day impact my future students equally."

Kristin Ertinger, MS, ATC, PTA, Class of 2001
Clinical Athletic Trainer
HealthWorks Rehab and Fitness
Morgantown, WV

"My education and on-field experience in the Ithaca College Athletic Training program gave me an extremely solid foundation on which to build my athletic training career. Everyone that I've met in the sports medicine profession has expressed how impressed they are by the athletic trainers that have come out of IC's program, and I truly believe it was that reputation that helped me get into the West Virginia University graduate program, and subsequently hired by HealthWorks."

Fred DeNisco, MS, ATC, CSCS, Class of 1998
Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Manhattan, Long Island, & Westchester Co., NY

"Ithaca College provided me with opportunity to thoroughly prepare for a career in the growing profession of athletic training. Since graduation, I have encountered numerous colleagues, including ATs from the NFL, higher-level collegiate athletics & prominent orthopedic rehabilitation centers. All knew Ithaca College and its' reputation for producing quality, well-respected athletic trainers. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, emphasizing not only the "hows", but also stressing the "whys", the staff are practicing clinicians from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to provide students with actual real-life experiences. The Ithaca College Athletic Training program has maintained a high standard of academics since its inception, evidenced in that our company currently employs IC alumni from various generations."

Reflections from Athletic Training Majors & Intercollegiate Athletes!

Unlike many other accredited athletic training programs, being an athletic training major AND an intercollegiate athlete is not only possible, but encouraged at Ithaca College. The faculty here appreciate the value of intercollegiate athletics for all students who so desire, and they will work with you and your coach to find a viable solution to the time constraints placed on those students wanting to play sports and be an athletic training major!

Becky Bedard, MS, ATC, OTC, Class of 2009; Director, Athletic Training Residency, Emory Orthopedics & Spine, Atlanta, GA

"Being an athlete as well as an athletic training student here is absolutely doable. It comes with some challenges such as sacrificed time and vacations to gain sufficient clinical experience. There are plenty of opportunities during summer breaks and winter breaks to gain that experience, opening up your schedule during the school year. All it takes is good communication with your ATs and coach, and time management. I wouldn't trade my experience here doing both for anything."

Amanda Boccio, DC, BS, ATC, Class of 2010; Sports Chiropractor

"Being an Athletic Training major and participating in intercollegiate athletics is a challenge. However, the program is flexible in that it allows for half of our internship credits to be taken during the summer or intersession months. The clinical hours you accumulate for credit do not have to be with a Certified Athletic Trainer, but with any certified health care professional such as a Physical Therapist or Orthopedist. I took full advantage of this opportunity, and gained clinical experience with a sports chiropractor who specializes in biomechanics of the human body. This opportunity allowed me to use the skills I am developing as an Athletic Training Student here at IC, and apply them in a clinical setting other than the training room. It was a truly valuable way to spend my summer."

Bomber AT Alums
Athletic Training Majors Serve Bomber Athletes
ATMajors Help Athletes

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Athletic Training: Not Just for Boys!
Athletic Training Not Just for Boys

Anyone who watches pro football, baseball, basketball, or hockey can be forgiven for thinking athletic training is a guy’s gig--so far there is only one full-time female trainer in the NFL, one female assistant trainer in the NBA, and none in the NHL or MLB. But these young female athletic trainers and alumni of Ithaca College's athletic training education program show girls can play, too. And who knows? Maybe it will be a female ATC from IC who breaks the next pro barrier! Read the full story in FUSE Magazine!

Nancy Patterson, MS, ATC & Los Angeles Dodgers

"Fastballs to the thigh, collisions at home plate. The LA Dodgers demand the best injury prevention and therapy. Ithaca College has given me the on-field experience and clinical skills I need to keep the players in the game! Nancy Patterson, MS, ATC, '06 & '08

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