Program Descriptions

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy program at CLS focuses on planning and leading activity type groups with the goals of increasing endurance, motor performance, cognition and social interaction. The groups may consist of cooking, woodworking, ceramics, community outings, as well as activities determined by the participants. Graduate students will focus on activities of daily living, functional mobility, and general motor control as well as community reintegration (including car transfers, ordering from menus, grocery gathering and shopping). Management of hypertonicity will also be addressed through home exercise programs, relaxation techniques and possible splinting. The Headstart and Aquatics programs are also implemented by the Occupational Therapists.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy program at CLS will work on general flexibility, strengthening and endurance activities. Focus will be directed to exercises that improve balance, activities to improve functioning and decrease physical barriers in the community (such as stairs, curbs, uneven surfaces, transfers, etc.). An individual exercise program will also address each client's individual needs.

Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathology program at CLS will address communication skills such as speech, hearing, comprehension difficulties, cognitive difficulties, and interpersonal skills. Focus will also be given to inappropriate communication environments and lack of communication partners.

Therapeutic Recreation

The Therapeutic Recreation program at CLS will include therapy-based activities that encourage social interaction, activity skill development, development and maintenance of cognitive skills, leisure education and community re-integration. Activities may include pet assisted therapy, discussion groups, computer programs, crafts, tabletop games, and programs focusing on how to utilize leisure time wisely.

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Occupational therapy students with participants.