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February/March 2014 (pdf)

     Work It Out: Ways to Improve Heart Health
     Eat Your Hear Out: Best Foods for Your Heart 
     Client of the Month: Ron Gilmour
     Fitness Specialist of the Month: Ian Shaw
     Go For Gold: The Olympic Challenge

December 2010 (pdf)

     Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
     America’s Fight Against HTN 
     Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
     Comparing Squat Techniques
     No Pressure Blood Pressure
     Client of the Season: Michael Twomey
     Bringing in the New Year 
     Heart Healthy Egg Nog
     Stay in Shape over Break

November 2010 (pdf)

     Strong Bones for Active Lifestyles
     Too little sleep, too much weight gain
     Exercise is for the Mind & Body
     Kettlebells give you a quality workout
     Client of the Season: Jean Cupernall
     No Pressure Blood Pressure
     Acai Berry: Miracle food of scam?

May 2010 (pdf)

     In the News: Novel Risk Factors for Heart Disease
     Summer Activity Series: Softball
     Sunshine, Swimming, Holidays…Barbeques! Avoiding Overeating
     Take an Afternoon Siesta to Boost Your Health
     Healthy Summer Snacking
     5 Ways to Improve Your Memory
     Client of the Month: Tina Caswell
     Summer Activity Series: Jump Rope
     Are you getting enough of the Sunshine Vitamin?
     Client of the Month: George Schuler
     I Scream, You Scream- The Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream

December 2009 (pdf)

     Exercise As We Age
     Eating to Fuel Your Workouts
     IC Fit Kids
     Cranberry Apple Granola
     Cardio Training Basics
     Client of the Month: Julie Whitten
     Avoiding Holiday Bulge

October 2009 (pdf)

     The Role of Exercise in Preventing Alzheimer’s
     The Core of your Strength
     Think You Aren’t Yoga Material? Think Again!
     The Importance of the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’
     Fight the Flu with Fitness
     Healthy Apple Crumble
     Client of the Month: Jeanine Huber

April 2009 (pdf)

     Train the Brain
     Say Goodbye to Stress
     Intense Workouts Good for Diabetes Prevention
     Pamper Yourself Post-Workout…without FOOD
     Three Vegetable Penne
     Healthier Fast Food Choices
     Member of the Month: Dan Taylor
     Tips for a Quality Workout

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