If you are a member of Mind, Body, Me, the membership fee is waived. If you are a current member of the Wellness Clinic, the renewal fee is $175 (includes summer) for one year. If you are a spouse/qualified domestic partner of a current Wellness Clinic member, the fee is $175 for one year If you are a retiree of the College, and have worked here for at least 10 years, you are eligible to join the Wellness Clinic. The membership fee will be waived. All information is strictly confidential. If you are concerned, please to not hesitate to ask one of our qualified staff members for further clarification.

  1. Fill out the Medical History/Health Habit Questionnaire and Personal Goals form and submit directly to the Ithaca College Wellness Clinic.
  2. You will be contacted by the Wellness Clinic to schedule the GXS (click here for more information on the Graded Exercise Test). Some new participants will need to fill out a Physician Clearance Form and have it faxed by your doctor to the Wellness Clinic prior to your GXT. You will be notified if you need to have this form completed.
  3. Upon completion of your GXT, you will be scheduled for a floor orientation. You will be shown the proper use of the Wellness Clinic exercise equipment.
  4. The Clinic Director will review your application and assign a Fitness Specialist to contact you ASAP to help manage your exercise programming including:
  • Setting fitness goals
  • Designing an individualized fitness program (addressing your goals and needs)
  • Instructing and reviewing your exercise technique
  • Providing motivation and continued fitness education
  • Re-assessing fitness periodically to chart your progress

5. A consultation will be scheduled with your Fitness Specialist to review your fitness assessment results and to discuss your individualized fitness prescription.
6. A Fitness Specialist will work with you to manage your fitness program for three months.
7. At the end of three months, if you would like to continue working with a Fitness Specialist, let us know and we will arrange it. Remember, there are always Fitness Specialists working on the floor to answer your questions.
8. Go for it!

IC employee works with student trainer.