China 2017

China 2017

China Short Term Study Abroad 2017

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Today started our in depth tour of the Beijing Sport University campus. We visited two classrooms, one in the international dorms and the other in the teaching building. In these classrooms we learned about massage and calligraphy. The massage class way very informational and enjoyable. It was a hands on class that involved a native instructor and multiple brave students. We all had the chance to test out the different skills for relaxation massage. These were both painful and relaxing. The kneading skill was where the masseuse would put their fist into your back in order to relieve the pressure of the muscles in your back. If done wrong this can be painful but when done right it is very relaxing. We all had the opportunity to be the masseuse and the patient which helped with our understanding of the overall general concept of relaxation massage. We could actually tell if what we were doing would help a patient. This was a very fun experience.

After our massage class we went as a group to visit the vice president of the university we are staying at, Beijing Sport University. At this meeting the vice president discussed the history of the university and what the college is doing to prep for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Since the university trains Olympic athletes they have a strong tie with making sure the Olympic Games has the best representatives from China. They make sure that all the athletes are trained in the best facilities with the best coaches. One thing that I found especially interesting is that Beijing is pretty dry in the winter so the university has a campus in more northern China where they have been training for the outdoor events. This made me wonder about what they are going to do about the games when they arrive but it is cold enough to make snow so I am sure that is what they will do.

Our last educational experience was in the teaching building where we learned calligraphy. This was similar to painting Chinese characters on paper. Though that description makes it sound easy, I assure you it was not that easy. There is a correct way to hold the brush (perfectly horizontal with a pen writing grip) and a way to apply the perfect amount of pressure to get a clear character in the end. The instructor began the lesson teaching us about the different types of script and then after each one we got to try it on paper. As we went from the grandfather to the three sons the writing got harder and more lazy. The last script, Kai shu, was difficult to read but fun to try and write. We all got the chance to write down a fourteen character saying which explained the importance of education. This was a nice way to end our fun day of education and classes.

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~~China Study Abroad Program 2017

- By Hongwei Guan

Follow the 12 students who will be traveling in China for 2 weeks in 2017 as they learn about culture, health, healing and sport.


After taking a preparatory course before traveling to China, Twelve Ithaca College students are ready for their experiential learning trip to Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai by Dr. Hongwei Guan and Dr. Mike Costello. On their first stop, students are going to visit Beijing Sport University and Peking University. As part of their experiential learning, students will participate in the Sixth Peking University Forum of Sport Culture and Humanities, in addition to the courses and activities at Beijing Sport University. They are planning to climb the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, and run inside the Birds Nest and Water Cube, where Michael Phelps amazingly won 8 Olympic Gold Medals.

Then they will fly to their second site in Chengdu, where they will take acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Chinese culture classes and culture visiting including the Panda Reserve. In addition, Dean Sigg will be with the student group observing the program and attend the 10th Anniversary Celebration between Ithaca College and Chengdu Sport Institute. If it fits into their schedule, the IC group will also plan to take the high speed train for a day visit to China West Normal University, one of the IC partner institutions in China. After leaving Chengdu, students will be visiting Shanghai University of Sport, and see Shanghai Bund (Wai Tan, 外滩), waterfront area in central Shanghai. When asked whether they are concerned with the trip to a very different culture, and how they think of the coming China trip, you will hear and exciting answer “We are ready!”

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