HSHP International

China 2009

China: Culture, Health, Healing and Sport

This experience is for students interested in exploring the philosophy and practice in health, prevention, and rehabilitation, sport and physical education from a Chinese historical and cultural perspective.  Students learn hands-on skills such as Chinese Massage and Acupuncture, Martial Arts & Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Calligraphy etc.  Students visit elite athletic training and research centers, and Chinese health care systems at national and regional levels.

The trip begins in the city of Chengdu where faculty and students from Chengdu Sport University meet the delegation and begin their adventure into learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture)and Martial Arts (Kungfu and Taijiquan).  After 5 intensive days of class and touring, the group travels to Changzi via airplane where they spend 2 days visiting various facilities.  Next, the delegations travels overnight on a train to Beijing.  While in Beijing, Beijing Sport University serves as their 'home base' for the students for the next week.   While in Beijing, students visit various athletic facilities, including various 2008 Olympic venues (e.g. Bird's Nest and Water Cube),  cultural sites (e.g. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square), and learn about Chinese massage.

You can learn even more about the experience by reading the posts to the Student Blog Page.

 You can view some Photos from the 2009 trip here.



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