Clinical Exercise Science

Clinical Exercise Science (CES) students are prepared through course work and practical experiences to become trained and certified exercise professionals.  The CES major exposes you, the student, to skills that allow for assessing exercise capacity in athletic and clinical settings.  The trained exercise professional develops exercise and fitness plans that are implemented for the improvement of performance in athletes, cardiac patients, or healthy individuals in a variety of settings.  Exercise professionals work in hospitals and clinics, they work in wellness and community centers, they work in corporate fitness and personal training, and they prepare collegiate, professional, and olympic athletes for peak performance.

CES students have an extraordinary success rate for passing professional practice certification exams.  Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students to pass exams from nationally recognized organizations who lead the fields of wellness, athletic conditioning and performance, personal training, and cardiac rehabilitation.  Check out the certification page web sites of the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength & Conditioning Association, or Wellcoaches to learn more about these career enhancing credentials.  If your interests are in any, or all of these areas, then the CES curriculum will help you get ready for success.

CES majors study the areas of exercise physiology, biomechanics, neuromuscular control, exercise assessment, exercise programming, exercise leadership, personal training, and fitness administration.  The complete CES curriculum can be viewed in the College Catalog. CES majors are given the opportunity to work at the Ithaca College Wellness Clinic performing critical clinical roles in the function of the Clinic.  Experiential ("hands-on")learning is emphazised for the CES student with practical experiences both on and off campus.  The capstone experience for all CES majors is an in-depth internship at a site selected in conjunction with the internship coordinator. 

CES Internship experiences have covered the gamut with students working at several excellent local facilities in Syracuse, Binghamton, or completing exclusive internships at renowned sites such as the Cleveland Clinc, the NY Giants (Bills & Saints too), the White House Wellness Center, University of Florida Gators, Children's Hospital (CHOPs in Philly & Boston), Plus One Health Management (run wellness programs for Google, Myrill Lynch, and over 150 other Fortune 500 co.) and the NY Yankees.  We strive to provide the best internships and are always on the lookout to find a new site that brings more quality to our selection.  Before the experience begins, we strive to ensure a great fit between the internship site and the student .

CES student access to the Ithaca College Wellness Clinic is a unique aspect of studying to be an exercise professional at IC.  The Clinic is full functioning and has clients ranging from high performing athletes to capacity-limited retired employees.  For our students, that means walking down the hallway of our academic building (Center for Health Sciences) where our labs and classrooms are located, and opening a door to a space that is equipped for serious exercie training. In this convenient location, CES students function in every aspect of programming for the wide range of Clinic participants.  In fact, our students make up the majority of the Clinic's staff and are essential to operations.  The Clinic is run very much like a teaching hospital with practicing students responsible for many, if not most, key functions.  We believe practical learning experiences, in addition to our strong academic curriculum, makes the CES major at Ithaca College one of the best programs of its kind available anywhere.


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