Beating post-workout soreness

Everyone from weekend warrior to professional athlete has felt it. The day after a strenuous workout, your muscles tighten up, your range of motion shrinks, and you begin to ache.

It’s a common problem with many home remedies, but is there a proven solution? Not exactly, according to Ithaca College Exercise and Sport Sciences professor and department chair Thomas Swensen.

Swensen was quoted on the topic in a recent edition of the New York Times blog Ask Well, where journalist Gretchen Reynolds fields questions from her readers.

In this issue, Reynolds delved into the topic of muscle soreness and included comments from Swensen who explained the achiness associated with working out was common and is considered a good thing when it comes to building strength.

To read more of Swensen’s comments, click here

Originally published in School of Health Sciences and Human Performance: Beating post-workout soreness.

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