"The Preprofessional program gave me the freedom to explore what really interested me, while keeping me on track for my final goal of going to medical school. After just one semester, I decided on Health Sciences with a Pre-Medical Emphasis, which matched up with requirements for medical school, but also included a variety of classes where I learned about health directly." -Nicolette Alberti, Health Sciences Pre-Medical Emphasis '15

"At age 18 it's difficult to choose a path of study and profession to pursue. Ithaca College was the one school that gave me the option and resources to find the right profession for me. My first semester at Ithaca College provided me an opportunity to take a class that explained different health professions and had actual health professionals come in. It's a great feeling knowing you're right where you're supposed to be, and for me that's getting a great education and fulfilling my dream in becoming an Occupational Therapist through Ithaca College." -Vito Boffoli, Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy '15

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