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Student Teaching in Cyprus

Students in the Health & Physical Education and Physical Education teaching programs can elect to complete one of their block student teaching assignments in Cyprus.  Students teach physical education at The Grammar School.  The Grammar School educates children from the elementary level through high school.  The curriculum  is varied, offering a multitude of activities including swimming, track and field, basketball, and soccer as well as activities focusing on the development of motor skills in young students.  Started in 2005, this experience offers our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture and experience another educational system.  It provides our students with the opportunity to teach students whose second or third language is English.  Students learn the importance of being able to communicate effectively with students so that students can be successful in completing the lesson and attaining the objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cyprus student teaching experience, you can read the blogs written by two of our students: Beth Emnett and Andy Grayson.  The coordinator of the Cyprus program is Dr. Phoebe Constantinou, and you can find out more information on her Cyprus gallery page.  This program enables students in the teacher-preparation programs the ability to travel abroad during their normally very restrictive program. An application to student teach in Cyprus is required.  The Pedagogy Subcommittee reviews the applications for student teaching and makes the final determination about a student's preparation for traveling abroad. 

Read more about the Cyprus student teaching opportunity on Dr. Phoebe Constantinou's web page.


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