Ithaca College Physical Therapy Student Association (ICPTSA)

In 2015–16, ICPTSA members made many contributions to the IC community and the PT profession. The association updated and revised its constitution, hosted a professional development night to showcase the scholarship and service activities of current students, and held a speaker series to provide educational opportunities for students on campus.

Service activities included:

  • raising money for the Miami-Marquette Challenge through the Bomber Blitz 5K;
  • providing contributions to Relay for Life;
  • organizing a campus-wide yogathon; and
  • collecting donations for the Southern Tier Foodbank.

In addition, the ICPTSA has been involved in a peer mentoring and leadership program in which students in the program’s professional phases provide support and mentoring to those in the program’s pre-professional phases. The students have had opportunities for increased collaboration with other programs—especially the occupational therapy program. In December 2015 graduate students from the OT and PT programs organized a fall prevention fair at a local senior living facility. They provided fall screenings, education, and led a group exercise program. We look forward to future projects.