Physical Therapy Faculty Present at Combined Sections Meeting

This past January numerous physical therapy faculty, current students and alumni presented their research at the annual Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association in Washington DC.

Research topics included:

  • Aquatic Exercise: Opportunities for Wellness with Neurologic Dysfunction (two hour session)
  • Comparison of Aquatic Physical Therapy, Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training, or a Combined Intervention on the Gait and Balance of Individuals with Chronic Stroke (platform presentation)
  • The Walking Speed Questionnaire and Gait Testing Protocol in Older Adults (poster)
  • Fostering Better Patient Decisions: The Third Pillar of Evidence Based Practice (two hour session)
  • Home Exercise Programs for Cancer Survivors: Can a Weekly Phone Call Impact Compliance, Function or Quality of Life? (poster)
  • A Multimodal Conservative Approach to Temporomandibular Dysfunction after Pterional Craniotomy While Undergoing Radiation: A Case Report. (poster)
PT faculty and students at CSM