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What people are saying about Ithaca College's physical therapy program:

One of the first questions prospective students ask when they visit us is "Why should I come to Ithaca College?" With so many different programs offering physical therapy, it can be difficult to decide where to go. So we asked that question to our clinicians who supervise our students on affiliations, clinic patients, and employers; and here is a sampling of their responses:

  • "I've had trouble with my shoulder off and on for years, and the PT clinic at the College gave me the best -- and most convenient -- therapy I've ever had. The therapists know the latest treatments, and the clinic is spacious and wonderfully equipped. Plus there are friendly students everywhere, helping patients with the therapy." Helene Maddux, Ithaca College staff member
  • "There are 204 schools in the United States offering training programs in physical therapy; Ithaca College is considered one of the nation's top schools in the field." John Winslow, DPT, in an article on options for back pain written for the Ithaca Journal in 2003, Ithaca, New York
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