Minors in Recreation and Leisure Studies


OUTDOOR PURSUITS MINOR (17 credits minimum) 

The purpose of the Outdoor Pursuits minor is to provide interested students with an introduction to outdoor leadership and the skills and competencies necessary to plan, organize, and lead outdoor recreation programs of limited scope. Outdoor pursuits are utilized in many settings. Businesses are using outdoor team building programs with their executives. Social service agencies offer camping and outdoor adventure programs for clients. Schools are using outdoor education and camping programs as a part of their curricula.  There are two possible tracks to fulfill the minor.  Both tracks include technical skills, theory and philosophy, leadership and field experience.  A minimum of 17 credits is required. 

Immersion Semester Program (ISP) Track

The OAL ISP takes place off campus during the spring semester.  The OAL ISP consists of 18 credits and is primarily field based with some online and traditional classroom learning environments. You will live either in the backcountry or isolated front country environments for the duration of a semester. The fee for this experience is comparable to the cost of room and board on campus for a semester. An additional application is required for the OAL ISP.

ISP                                                                                               Credits

RLS-18005             Select Topic in Rescue                                    2_____

RLS-21600             Outdoor Adventure Skills                                 3_____

RLS-22000             The Wilderness Experience (LA)                   4_____

RLS-22300             Wilderness Literacy (LA)                                 2_____

RLS-37000             Wilderness Land Use Ethics (LA)                  3_____

RLS-42100             Wilderness Expedition Leadership                4_____

On Campus Track

This track provides an on-campus opportunity for students who are not able to study away on the ISP for a full semester.  This option provides similar coursework to the OAL ISP in skills, theory and philosophy.  A maximum of 6 transfer credits will be accepted for this minor. Transfer credits may be obtained from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound, or other approved experiential programs granting academic credit. Transfer credits will be substituted for the courses identified with asterisks (*).                                                                                    

Required Core                                                                              Credits

RLS 10500             Fundamentals of Leadership (LA)                 3_____

RLS-15000             Rock Climbing                                                  1_____

RLS-15100             Foundations of OA Pursuits (LA)                    3_____

RLS-17100             Introduction to Backpacking                           1_____

9 Credits from the Following:

RLS-180xx*           Select Topics: Adv Skills Fundamentals*    1-3_____

RLS-190xx*           Select Topics: Adventure Skills Fieldwork* 1-3_____

RLS-21800             Wilderness First Responder                             3_____

RLS-23200             Program Planning                                              3_____

RLS-27700     Sustainable Tourism (LA)                                     1-3_____  

RLS-35400             Org and Supervision of Outdoor Pursuits      3_____

RLS-43000             Adventure Education                                         3_____

CLA Note: Complimentary Liberal Arts (CLA) may be fulfilled by completing a minor containing 12 credits of Liberal Arts. Courses qualifying as Liberal Arts are labeled with (LA). Students intending to fulfill CLA requirements with this minor will need to take additional course(s) in order to obtain 12 credits of LA.



Recreation Minor (16 credits minimum)

The academic minor in recreation has been designed to increase the student’s awareness of the importance and extent of leisure and recreation in modern society and to prepare students to plan, organize, and lead a recreation program of limited scope in a variety of settings.

Requirements of the Minor: The minor requires a minimum of 16 credits: 15 credits in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies and a one-credit course in Emergency Health Care HLTH-12200.  Required courses in the minor include:

Required Core                                                                              Credits

RLS-10100     Leisure and Society (LA)                                   3_____

RLS-10500     Fundamentals of Leadership (LA)                   3_____

RLS-23200     Program Planning                                               3_____

HLTH-12200   Emergency Health Care                                    1_____


The students must elect six additional credits from the following Recreation courses. Six credits (LA) required for CLA: see CLA note.

RLS-12500     Understanding Disability (LA)                                3_____

RLS-13300     Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation                 3_____

RLS-13700     Leisure Travel                                                            3_____

RLS-15000     Rock Climbing                                                           1_____

RLS-15100     Foundations of Outdoor Adventure Pursuits (LA) 3_____

RLS 17100     Introduction to Backpacking                                     1_____

RLS-27700     Sustainable Tourism (LA)                                     1-3_____  

RLS-23800     Leisure and Aging (LA)                                             3_____

RLS-33400     Leisure Education: A TR Intervention (LA)            3_____

RLS-34000     Inclusive Recreation and Diversity                         3_____

In addition to the minimum credit-hour requirements to complete the minor, students must provide documented evidence certifying completion of at least 200 hours of volunteer or paid experience in recreation leadership or programming, or complete the course RLS-24800 Service Learning I.

Documentation of the 200 hours should consist of a letter(s) from supervisor(s) to minor advisor verifying the type of work/volunteer experience and the number of hours completed.  A memo will then go to the Registrar’s Office to verify fulfillment of this requirement.

Experience obtained as a result of other course requirements or prior to admission to the minor program will not satisfy this requirement.

CLA Note: Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA) may be fulfilled by completing a minor containing 12 credits of Liberal Arts. Courses qualifying as Liberal Arts are labeled with (LA). Students intending to fulfill CLA requirements with a minor need to carefully select their courses in order to obtain 12 credits of LA.

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