Mission of the Department

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies educates future professionals to deliver outdoor adventure leadership, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation services in a competent, ethical, and inclusive manner. Utilizing collaborative partnerships, interdisciplinary and experiential learning, scholarship, and service, we nurture an awareness of the importance of leisure to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 


We will be recognized for our work in the character and professional development of students in outdoor adventure leadership, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation.


GOAL 1:  to support excellence in learning and teaching

GOAL 2:  to demonstrate excellence in scholarship

GOAL 3:  to provide service to the community, college, and profession

GOAL 4:  to maintain a department culture that promotes supportive relationships among all its members

GOAL 5:  to advocate for and increase the visibility of the profession 


The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies holds the following values:

1. We value, above all, those who are the recipients of our services.

2. We value the character education of our students, enabling them to make a contribution to society and a difference in people’s lives.

3. We value experiential and service learning and offer many of these opportunities to our students.

4. We value and recognize our individual strengths and those of our students.

5. We value quality work and performance. We wish to instill an attitude among students to do one’s best.

6. We value good relationships that create a supportive, healthy, and collegial environment.

7. We value mentorship for our students and faculty, committing ourselves to an environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

8. We value collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts.

9. We value the concept of sustainability as it applies to people and the natural environment.

10. We value the concept of inclusion and the appreciation of diversity in all our efforts.

11. We value quality of life and work-life balance and seek to model them in our own lifestyles.

12. We value lifelong learning and the exploration of new ideas and experiences.




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