Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation at Ithaca College

The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) major at Ithaca College was established in 1995, marking itself as one of a handful of institutions in the country to offer a distinct major in therapeutic recreation. A recreational therapist uses both client-focused intervention techniques and evidence-based practice to enhance people's physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being through recreation and leisure based activities. At a long-term-care facility you may involve a person in recreational interventions to reduce depression and increase socialization. At a mental health or substance abuse treatment facility you may help a person in recovery discover healthy leisure alternatives that promote wellness and self-esteem. At a community recreation center you may help involve a person with a disability in programs that build leisure skills, develop friendships, and enhance quality of life. At a hospital or rehabilitation center you may help a person with a traumatic injury develop functional skills necessary for successful community reintegration.

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