Health Promotion and Physical Education

Graduate Internship

Fieldwork provides students with a supervised work experience in an organization related to the student's interests. Approval and support of a graduate faculty sponsor and the graduate chair are required, and prerequisite coursework may be needed.

Students who wish to complete a fieldwork experience should discuss the options with a Graduate Faculty member in the department well in advance of the start date. If you have any questions about how to start, contact the chair of the HPPE graduate program.

Course Description (HPEG-62100)

Provides an opportunity for qualified students to engage in a practical, meaningful work experience in a physical activity and/or health-related setting, within either a school or community environment. The fieldwork experience provides the opportunity for students to put theory into practice as well as become involved in the day-to-day activities of the organization under the guidance of a qualified worksite supervisor and the Ithaca College faculty sponsor. 1-6 credits.


  • All students are required to complete a petition form. All information should be typed into the form prior to printing. You will need to consult with your faculty sponsor before completing the form.
  • After obtaining signatures from your faculty sponsor, the form must be submitted to the Chair of the Graduate Program in HPPE.
  • No retroactive credit will be granted. If you want credit for your internship, you must complete the petition form and submit it for signature before the start date listed.
  • Forms are also available here.


  • To gain applied learning experience in the student's area of interest in the graduate program.
  • To assist in the development of professional competencies in such areas as knowledge, attitudes, and applied skills.
  • To help integrate skills and knowledge from the classroom.
  • To provide a variety of experiences to prepare the student for her/his future career.


HPPE Graduate Chair
Dr. Raj Subramaniam

HPPE Administrative Assistant
Ms. Mary Bennett

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