Exercise & Sport Sciences

The Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences (ESS) offers unique fieldwork and internship opportunities for students of: Athletic Training; Applied Exercise Science; Exercise Science.

Fieldwork and internships

  • Athletic Training
    A minimum of 4 credits must be earned in EXSS-36500 (Internship in Athletic Training I) and EXSS-45500 (Internship in Athletic Training II), both of which are taken for variable credit.

  • Applied Exercise Science (Clinical Exercise & Wellness; Strength & Conditioning)
    Students are required to complete EXSS-17300 (Fieldwork in Exercise Science I) & EXSS-37300 (Fieldwork in Exercise Science II) at 1 credit each. Internships are 6-12 credits with Clinical Exercise & Wellness students completing EXSS-47400 (Internship in Clinical Exercise & Wellness) and Strength & Conditioning students completing EXSS-47300 (Internship in Strength & Conditioning).

    • NOTE: If you are a Clinical Exercise major (this major is phasing out) you can use the relevant form as described above to apply for your fieldwork or internship.

  • Exercise Science (Sport Science; Medical Science)
    Although not required, these students may choose to enroll in an internship experience; EXSS-46000 (Internship in Exercise and Sport Sciences). This course requires extensive advance planning and coordination. This course may be taken for 6-12 variable credits.

Department contacts:

Dr. Patrick McKeon
Athletic Training Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Gary Sforzo
Applied Exercise Science Internship Coordinator

Jackie Wandell
Department of Exercise & Sport Sciences Administrative Assistant