Athletic Training

General Information for Summer/Winter Intersession Clinical Experiences

Individual Student Clinical Education Plans (ICEP)

The summer ICEP will be the primary sources of learning structure for all Athletic Training majors intending to acquire clinical education experiences during the summer (or winter inter-session). At the beginning of each new clinical assignment, students will complete ICEP as a guide for their upcoming clinical learning experiences. Each ICEP will be developed by the student, and approved by the CEC/PD before being implemented (before clinical experiences begin). ICEPs will be based/developed on the included components. All required ICEP materials will be presented and organized in a 3-ring notebook at the conclusion of the respective clinical experience.

Purposes of the ICEP

  1. Increase student responsibility for clinical learning experiences and education by requiring them to think ahead for each new clinical assignment, and by setting more specific goals for each student at each setting.
  2. Increase the structure for clinical instructors as to what should be emphasized for maximum student learning and engagement.
  3. Improve upon the tracking and management of our students' clinical education progress.
  4. Produce better clinical education outcomes for all students and thus, better outcomes for our clinical instructors as well.
  5. Create a dynamic and accurate clinical education portfolio for each student that will guide him or her through the clinical curriculum.

General guidelines

  1. Athletic Training students must meet with an Athletic Training faculty member well in advance of the start of the affiliation in order to begin the approval process.
  2. Credit can not be awarded for clinical experiences finished prior to approval.

Forms and paperwork

  1. All students are required to complete the petition form (link provided below). This form is a Microsoft Word files. All information MUST BE TYPED into the form prior and then printed. No handwritten forms will be accepted.
  2. Please note that in Part C, you need to obtain information and a signature from the site supervisor.
  3. After filling in all of the information requested, the student should obtain the signature of their IC clinical supervisor. Once all signatures are attained, students should bring the completed form to Jackie Wandell in CHS 314 for further processing.

No retroactive credit will be granted. If you want credit for an affiliation, you must complete the petition form and submit it for signature before the start date listed.

Download the Athletic Training Internship Petition Form here

Athletic Training
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