I2C2 Conference

I2C2 Committee

Interdisciplinary Internship Coordinator's Committee


To maximize resources through interdisciplinary collaboration for the purpose of facilitating the process of clinical education within the school of HS&HP.


The Interdisciplinary Internship Coordinator's Committee was formulated in 1977 as an ad-hoc committing to determine if the allied health disciplines in the School of HS&HP could collaborate on ways to recognize and support supervisors at clinical affiliation sites for their willingness to supervise our students. The committee decided to offer a no-cost, on-campus conference every two years, addressing issues of supervision and professional development. The conferences:

  1. Recognize supervisors' efforts

  2. Provide continuing education credits, which is often necessary to maintain licensure or certification status

  3. Encourage best supervisory practices


This was just the beginning of a long and successful relationship between the individuals involved in the committee. Over the years, the committee members have collaborated on numerous projects. Most notably, the committee has:

  1. Planned, implemented and evaluated interdisciplinary conferences, each hosting between 65-90 clinical supervisors.

  2. In cooperation with the Offices of Business Affairs and College Counsel/Affirmative Action, developed a joint affiliation agreement.

  3. Developed a database that lists over 1000 affiliations sites that can be utilized by our students.

  4. Worked with Academic Support Services to identify strategies to facilitate the internship experience for students with disabling conditions.

  5. Collaborated with the Gerontology Institute in the implementation of the Allied Health Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training Grant by identifying rural internship sites, the development of a data base, development of the web-based Andy Case for instructional use, and providing continuing education opportunities for facilities on interdisciplinary teams while supervising student interns.

  6. Provided input on a peer review/evaluation procedure for clinical faculty who are primarily responsible for establishing affiliations and supervising interns.

  7. Presented a session at the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on the topic of "Developing a Culture of Interdisciplinary Collaboration".

  8. Sponsored a First Swing Golf Clinic in 2001.

  9. Developed training modules for clinical supervisors, many of which are available online through the AGHITT Web Page.

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